2 of Malaysian Hotels Listed in Agoda.com’s Top Eco-Friendly Hotel 2012

Borneo Highlands Resort
Borneo Highlands Resort

SINGAPORE (October 31, 2012)Agoda.com, Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), today released its annual shortlist of eco-friendly hotels.

Far from being a fad or passing trend, the environmental impact of a hotel is now something that almost every property takes into account during the planning stage, as well as something that many customers take note of. Most hotels do their best to limit any negative environmental effects but only a handful truly go the extra mile to make sure that as many business decisions as possible can be justified or supported from an ecological point of view. With increasingly cheaper technology and eco-materials and new ideas and strategies helping push eco-boundaries, it’s becoming easier for hotels to ensure that their properties provide a maximum level of comfort with a minimum level of environmental disruption.

This includes obvious touches like solar panels and low-flush toilets, but there is much more to building an eco-friendly resort than that. Practices such as using only renewable building materials, letting gravity do the work of water pumps, or complying with international environmental standards show that there is endless room for innovation when it comes to ecological responsibility.

“Hotels that once considered ‘eco-friendly’ to mean a small environmental footprint and conservation of resources are now taking things a step further, cleaning up trash, investing in best-practices, actually improving the sustainability of the communities that surround them,” said Robert Rosenstein, CEO of Agoda.com. “Whether in big cities or remote resort islands, our customers love these eco-friendly resorts.”

With that in mind, we present Agoda.com’s list of this year’s ten notable eco-friendly hotels that are
doing their part to create a comfortable, beautiful balance with nature.

Check out the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Hotels by Agoda.com.

Philea Resort
Philea Resort

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