KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Located at the lobby level of the 5-star hotel, the 362-seater restaurant took its design and food inspirations from Asia’s lively food halls, packed by a hive of activities, movement and aromas; enhanced further by a sense of nostalgia, drama and action, bringing a new twist that mirrors the vibrancy of Asia. A true canvas to Malaysia and Asia , it celebrates the diverse cultural influences of Malaysia’s Malay, Chinese and Indian communities, serving an extensive range of dishes; providing diners with sensory sensations, bringing together the most authentic taste of popular dishes into the restaurant’s buffet rotations and a la carte selections.

The Resort Cafe at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa featuring monumental towers in a bustling open-exhibition kitchen
The Resort Cafe at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa featuring monumental towers in a bustling open-exhibition kitchen

A kaleidoscope of bold colours and illumination of bright motif-inspired decor dominates the 17,588 square feet restaurant; accented further by its impressive 18 feet high double volume ceiling.

Incorporating a bustling centre open-exhibition kitchen, diners are in for a unique dining experience with an exciting array of live cooking activities and chef interactions featuring a la minute preparation and an expansive display of dishes, a true theatre for the senses. The Resort Cafe features an enticing buffet-island measuring 194 feet in length with well over 60 dishes from seven different menus on rotation daily and a la carte selections brimming with a selection of over 50 of the chefs’ signature dishes.

Diners will be wowed by the monumental octagonal-shaped towers filled with  the  freshest greens and seasonal fruits. A first of its kind in a restaurant in Malaysia , the wrap-around towers are equipped with chilled water mist and refrigeration systems, blowing 10°C cold mist at the greens and fruits, keeping them fresh, crisp and appetising for a long time.

Eight main themes dominate the culinary offerings at The Resort Caf e . These include the Monumental Fruit and Salad Towers, Malay Archipelago (dishes from Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia ), Indo-Chine (dishes from Thailand and Vietnam ), Oriental Far East (dishes from Japan , Korea and China ), Spices of India (dishes from Northern and Southern India ), Mirage of the Gulf (dishes from the Middle East ), Best from the West (Western comfort food, grills, rotisserie and Churassco) and Desserts (old-school favourites).

The Resort Cafe is open daily from 6.00am to 11.00pm . For reservations, call +60 3 7495 2009 or visit www.sunwayhotels.com .

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