Anggun Spa (loosely means ‘elegant’ in English) lives up to its name: the humble setting of the spa is soothingly pared down and restraint yet tasteful. The only thing that can be heard from the lounge was the flow of water from the pipe in the hydrotherapy pool. As I entered the spa to wait for my therapist to prepare the room, I was quickly awashed with feeling of calmness.

Five minutes later, I was ushered by the therapist to the room, I felt further relaxed upon listening to the wafting instrumental music, easing my mind. I was then asked to change into the robe and then sit on the chair for my feet to be washed. I was served with ginger tea that helped to awaken my senses in preparing for the therapy session. As the therapist washed my feet, I could feel the comfort from the warm water and the gentle massage. I was then instructed to get up and transfer to the massage bed for the therapist to dispense a treatment called Maya Indulgence Signature Therapy, which included body massage session and herbal ball.

I lied down on my chest and told that strong pressure will be applied to me as I asked for it upon registering. Slowly, the therapist touched my legs with the massage oil. The gentle yet strong movements were really rejuvenating. I could feel every nerve of my legs responding to the strokes. I felt like my muscle was caressed after a long and weary day. My mind switched off, except to feel the comfort of getting my body massaged. The glide of the therapist’s knuckles on my back smoothened the flow of my blood to my head.

The treatment then resumed using herbal ball. I was at first wondered what exactly is this herbal ball, only to find out that it was a pouch filled with boiled herbs, which was then pressed onto my body. The therapist initially pressed it onto my foot to test whether I was able to bear the heat before proceeded slowly and gently to the other parts of my body. During each press, I could feel my muscles relaxed and the tense subsided. The therapist, due to her experience and training, expertly diagnosed that I have been putting too much pressure onto my muscles that they become too tensed, causing me to become lethargic.

After my session ended, the therapist asked me to lie down for a few minutes to cool off. I really felt like a huge burden was lifted from my body, making me feel lighter and exuberant. Due to the excellent experience with the treatment, I will definitely come back. Apart from Maya Indulgence Signature Therapy, there are other treatments that I am yet to try out such as Detoxification Therapy, Traditional Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Ayurvedic Shirodhara Treatment and more.  I left the spa abound with new energy after the therapy session and ready to face the world once again…

 Anggun Spa

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur,

138, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T : +6 03 2333 1328

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