Ayutthaya, an ancient city that has been flushed by the strong current of the modernization, but the impact of this once a great kingdom in Thailand can still be seen and the greatness remains forever in for some who adore the historic glorious moment of this city.

Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant is one of the reminiscent of greatness of Ayutthaya kingdom. This restaurant really serves authentic Thai cuisines that can only be found in some parts of Thailand only. Most of the cuisines served at this restaurant are actually being cooked by chef that has been flown all the way from Thailand to ensure that the taste of the meals are no less than the actual taste of the local Thai delicacies.

I had the chance to try dining at this well-known restaurant for its original and rich taste of real Thai cuisines. I was invited to have lunch and lunch it was and I did not hesitate to try the dishes because from what I have heard, this restaurant will never disappoint whoever comes to dine here. The exterior look of the restaurant was very authentic. The whole architectural structure of the restaurant are very much like the traditional Thai houses with the twist of modern touch in certain parts of the restaurant, just to bring the essence of contemporary of the restaurant. The interior did not fail to amaze me. The details that have been installed in every corner of the restaurant were just marvellous and you can tell that the intricate design that has been instilled in the decorations was meant to captivate the eyes of the customers who appreciate the fineness of aesthetic value. From the chandelier to the flooring to the ceiling to the centre pieces, everything was well mixed and matched to make bring the customers to a whole new ambience in fine dining. Every single piece of props and decorations have their own value and meaning that portray the richness of Thai culture in Ayutthaya kingdom, a symbolic to what this restaurant has to offer, the richness of taste in every delicacies that are served at this restaurant.

Sri Ayutthaya here in Wangsamaju is the third branch of this brand chain but this outlet is the biggest of all and has been serving the customers for almost three years. This restaurant is able accommodate from to 230 to 380 people at a time for function. This restaurant has VIP room and also function room whereby the function can also be done in the garden compound for those who are looking for something different in organizing events. Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant received a lot of reservation for functions like wedding, engagement, birthday party, company annual dinner and any other occasions that the client wish to organize in traditional Thai ambience.

After finish feasting my artistic eyes, I was then ready to feast my tummy with the ever authentic cuisines that this place has to offer. I was told that today we were to try their signature dishes that were very much Thai traditional food. I was all charged to take the hit of the spices of Thai food. The first dish that I was served with was the all-time favourite for everyone who loves the sweet and sour taste of Thai food, ‘Shom Tham’. ‘Shom Tham’ can be considered as papaya salad because the main ingredient of this dish is green papaya and then there are other ingredients like tomato, chillies, lime juice, peanut, green beans and some garlic. The hot and sweet and sour tastes were blended together in this bowl of salad and it gave such a refreshing taste to the taste buds, a preparation to deal with more tastes in the coming dishes. I really enjoyed having the ‘Shom Tham’ and it made me sort of addicted to the taste of it but I need to save my stomach for the other meals coming as well.

The next dish that we had was the ‘Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Pathaya Style’. This special dish is one of the top meals here whereby the customers always request this dish as one of their main courses. Cooked with mango and chillies as well as lime sauce, the combination of these main ingredients had complimented the taste of the well-cooked soft shell crab. The sweet taste of the combined with the sour taste of the lime highlighted the wild taste of the chillies and it kept us going for more and more in order to avoid losing the vigorous taste of the three main elements of this dish. I could not help myself from spooning more rice into my plate and I did not even had the guilty for such a glutton that I was. Then as I was still at my maximum capacity of savouring my taste buds with the crab, I saw the waiter in his traditional Thai attire heading my way with another plate of you-will-want-more-of-this. As the plate landed before my eyes, the strong aroma of spices and herbs were all over me. It was last dish of the day that will truly make my day, “‘Fried Prawn Isan Style’, sir”, the waiter told me with gentle Thai manner. The fried prawn were served with special sauce that I am sure was made with numerous of herbs and spices that kept my mouth watered all the time. As if I had not eaten anything, I shifted my attention this new dish, well no discrimination should happen to these dishes, I told myself. The first bite was already a disaster for me because I just could not restrain myself from getting more bites of the prawn until the plate was clear. The hot and spicy sauce really highlighted the crunchy structure of the shrimp and left me wanting for more.

I was really taken away by the lovely taste of all the dishes served, but my journey of becoming a true Thai cuisines gastronome did not end there, I was then served with the special and iconic dessert of Sri Ayutthaya restaurant, ‘Thai Jackfruit Coconut’ that came with the special drink, ‘Thai Coconut with Kiwi’. I never really was a fan of jackfruit and the last time I had jackfruit when I was probably seven or eight years old but with the dessert served here, I was electrocuted with the refreshing and cooling sensation of the jackfruit dessert. The sweet and fresh taste of the jackfruit combined with the rich and mild flavour of the coconut were just a perfect ending to the incredible dishes that I had. I wrapped up the whole session with the ever exuberating drink, ‘Thai Coconut with Kiwi’ which finally put an end to my gastric feeding session. The hot and sunny day was really cooled down by the signature drink that I had and that concluded my authentic dining of Thai cuisines. I could not help myself form keep on thinking about the feast that I had just now. Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant will definitely bring the reminiscence of the old Thai Kingdom. The dining at Sri Ayutthaya will definitely take you to the forgotten era.

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