Langkawi’s spa scene is now made more vibrant by the opening of Ayer Spa, arguably the biggest day spa in Langkawi and a strong advocate of traditional Malay treatments.

In Malay, the word ‘ayer’ (which is in the old spelling, in contrast to the new spelling, ‘air’) means ‘water’. On the same note, the word ‘spa’ itself is the acronym derived from the Roman phrase ‘solus per aqua’, which translates as ‘treatment with water’. Capitalising on the healing properties of the water as one of its essential components, Ayer Spa aptly pampers guests with massages and treatments that include the use of various essential oils that are derived from specific local herbs and plants.

With the tagline ‘Ancient Malay Indulgence’, this uniquely Malay spa uses natural herbs and organic products in all of its treatments,similar to the ingredients used during the ancient times for cleansing and healing that were fully natural and organic.Ayer Spa Wellness Village Langkawi, located close to the popular Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang, is housed in a traditional Malay residential structure that has an impressive exterior that is matched with relaxing and contemporary Malay design style as its interior. Here, guests will be able to learn much about Malay architecture as they step into Ayer Spa Wellness Village with its welcoming tropical facade, timbre walls and natural ventilation.

Ayer Spa notably carves its own niche as the provider of authentic Malay emotionally focused therapy. The owner of Ayer Spa conscientiously intends to elevate the status of the Malay massage techniques and treatments to be recognised internationally as distinctly Malaysian in terms of identity and eventually receives the same respect as the Thai and Indonesian concepts and treatments.The apt utilisation of the Malay spa concept in Malaysia purposely provides both local and foreign guests with the sense of place, which may not be easy to achieve if foreign concepts such as Thai or Indonesian treatments and massage techniques are adopted here, even though they may also prove efficacious in their own way. By opting for the Malay spa treatment, the experience that the guests receive at the spa truly complements their experience of being in Malaysia.

Ayer Spa aims to create a unique spa experience and therapy for the public to enjoy, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune system while balancing the emotional and spiritual side, as have been practised by the Malay community in Malaysia throughout the ages. The traditional Malay treatments use various kinds of ingredients derived from local plants and herbs that are developed into efficacious traditional medicine to cure various ailments.Ayer Spa also conducts its own research and partners with local academics and experts in the use of local herbs and plants to help improve health and well being. Currently, it is estimated that more than 13,000 types of plants have the potential to be used as medicine for various diseases and have been researched by universities around the world.

The spa’s signature treatment is the Royal Malay Massage, which is effective in alleviating muscle pain and strains, enhancing blood circulation and disposing toxins from the body. This massage is often dispensed as part of the special packages offered by Ayer Spa. Gentlemen are recommended to try out Ayer Perkasa, a package that combines Royal Malay Massage with soothing reflexology, relaxing facial massage and ginger tea. Ladies may opt for one of the many packages such as Ayer Sutra, which is a head-to-toe pampering experience that begins with lemon foot soak, followed by Royal Malay Massage, revitalising facial treatment and ends with pedicure.

Interestingly, the range of treatments offered by Ayer Spa not only target the usual work weary clientele but also mothers who just gave birth and seek post natal healing (Rawatan Selepas Bersalin). For this reason, the spa plans to construct a special new wing in the future to make it possible for ladies who just delivered to reside there so that they can conveniently undergo post natal Malay treatments, believed to quicken the healing process and able to ejuvenate their bodies back to the condition prior to pregnancy.For a remarkably rejuvenating and indulgent Malay spa experience, Ayer Spa Wellness Village is definitely the place that all travellers, especially ardent spa-goers, should not miss when being in Langkawi.

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