What do you say to a 16-kilometre distance if you were given the opportunity to raft in a rapid stream on a mountain?Well, try not to say no to it, as the experience is truly magical and simply splendid. This is what Bali International Rafting offers to those who wish to explore Bali’s wonderful highlands.

Bali is very much well-known for its pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear sea waters. However, there are many other sides of Bali that tourists can explore, and one of them is the highlands. The activities include exploring the mountains, and for those who are into challenges and adventures, make your way to Bali International Rafting to ‘cruise’ rapidly down the mountain along Telaga Waja River.

Extreme Fun

There are several levels of the river’s rapids in which tourists can try, starting from one to five – with one being the least adventurous and five as the most ultimate level. However, the level of challenge totally depends on the water level of the river, as determined by the weather. Should you wish to experience level five, plan your trip between November to March as this is the period for heavy downpour to occur.

Those who would like to try this out can either book online or call the operator, Club Aqua Bali, and everything will be arranged for you, including the transfers from the hotel to the rafting site. From Kuta beach, the journey to Telaga Waja River takes from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the traffic. While ascending the mountain, feast your eyes with the view of exquisite nature and the beauty of life of the locals, known for the fineness of their culture and the beauty and heritage.

‘Cruising’ down the rapids

Upon reaching the river, you will be ushered to fill in the registration form, which includes the insurance requirements. From there, the instructor will get you to put on the life jacket and safety helmet, before proceeding to the safety briefing. After that, with paddles in hands, raft in the water – it is time to get wet!There are dodges, leans, jumps and paddles for the whole 16 kilometres, and you will certainly be awed with the wonderful greeneries of tropical forest in Bali. The ultimate reward is, without a doubt, the waterfall, which is situated at a stop along the way. It is simply gorgeous!

Roughly about two kilometres before the end, there will be a dive of four meters high, which will definitely exhilarate all your senses, as if you haven’t gotten any yet that is.The ending point in Tangkup Village rounds up the 16 kilometre- journey, taking approximately two and a half hours. Before leaving the area, feast on the local cuisines at Panorama Café, accompanied by the view of the paddy field on the hills and a flowing river underneath it – all this drawing a picturesque portrait of the breathtaking Bali nature.This is truly one experience you will never forget.

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