Celebrate the fasting month with a spirit of good will and togetherness in the exciting ambience of Maya Brasserie. During the month, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur offers a month- long buka puasa (breaking of fast or iftar) buffet serving sumptuous home-styled of Ala Kampung sweets and savoury favourites accompanied by a spread of International and local delicacies to suit diners’ palate.

Guest chef, Chef Isa together with Maya Brasserie kitchen team will whip up servings of traditional authentic dishes from Hulu Perak especially for this promotion.

Among favourites slated to be served include Nasi Lemang Daun Bemban, Ikan Baung Masak Gulai Tempoyak Pattani, Ikan Sebarau Gulai Sakai, Rendang Ayam Pattani, Daging Rendang Masak Hitam, Kari Daging dengan Rias Pisang, Pucuk Paku Berkerang, Kerabu Umbut Merding, Kerabu Umbut Bayas, Ikan Pekasam dan Air Lawa.

Diners also can look forward to delicious local hot servings of Nasi Biryani Ayam, Kari Kepala Ikan, Kambing Masala, Nasi Dagang, Daging Tetel Asam Pedas Melaka, Mee Rebus and Asam Laksa. For sweet endings, indulge in countless varieties of dessert which includes popular traditional favourites like Serawa Durian, Kuih Dangey, Cucur Jawa, Ais Kacang, Cendol and more.

  • For reservations, please call +6 03 2711 8866 extension 258
  • RM135 per adult, RM90 for children between 5 and 12 years old
  • For Early Birds voucher (costing RM120 each), please call +6 03 2711 8866 extension 232
  • All prices are inclusive of GST


Berbuka Puasa Private Function

Whether planning a business dinner, sealing a deal, a company “get-together” or breaking fast with the entire family clan, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur’s banquet dinners can be held in private setting at the ballroom or various function rooms, catered to suit diners’ needs. The specially created festive menus will incorporate local and international favourites.

  • For reservations, please call +6 03 2711 8866 extension 232
  • RM135 per adult
  • All prices are inclusive of GST

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