Oman has been a dream destination for the Gaya Traveller team since we were schoolgirls, but the lack of direct connectivity from Malaysia to Oman delayed the dream. When we heard the news that Oman Air will soon fly into and out of Kuala Lumpur in 2010, we were ecstatic! Can you imagine how over the moon we were when Oman Air invited us to experience Muscat in September 2013? 



Oman Air is the flagship carrier of the Sultanate of Oman and an Official 4 Star Airline (Skytrax 2011). Founded in 1993, the airline has since witnessed massive growth and has played a major role in making Muscat an important traffic hub in the Middle East, supporting the commercial, industrial and tourism sectors.

The airline currently operates direct international flights from Muscat to Gulf destinations. In addition, Oman Air flies to ten destinations in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kathmandu in Nepal and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, Oman Air flies to the Maldives, Bangkok in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and operates services to Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Its European destinations are London, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

Oman Air also has codeshare partnerships with several airlines, giving travellers better connectivity and an extended range of services.

Oman Air’s outstanding aircraft interiors include its First Class Mini Suite, which provides each of the six First Class passengers direct aisle access and converts into the longest lie-flat seat in the skies. Each of the A330’s 20 award-winning Business Class seats provide direct aisle access, ample storage space and the latest technological amenities. Economy Class seats offer adjustable head and leg rests, together with generous amount of leg and elbow room.

A state of the art in-flight entertainment system features individual seatback screens, audio and video on demand and live satellite TV. In addition, Oman Air has pioneered both mobile telephony and Internet connectivity on board its flights and this is available in all three classes.

Superb new First and Business Class lounges have been opened at the Muscat International Airport, featuring elegant and tranquil relaxation areas, complimentary spa treatments and à la carte dining. A lounge-to-aircraft limousine service has also been launched for First Class passengers in Muscat.

Oman Air’s commitment to quality, comfort and a seamless passenger experience has resulted in the airline garnering international accolades, including Best Business Class Seat in the World (World Airline Awards 2012); Best Business Class Seat in the World and Service Excellence, Middle East (World Airline Awards 2011); Best Luxury Airline, Middle East (Business Destinations Awards 2011); Technological Innovation of the Year (Aviation Business Awards 2010); recognition in the TravelPlus Amenity Bag Awards 2010 (three Gold, one Silver); the Cellars in the Sky Awards 2010 (Silver); the KLIA Awards 2011; the 2009 Vision Awards (one Silver, one Bronze); the Travel Industry Club Awards 2010 (Silver); TTG Travel Award 2011 as Commended Airline of the Year; Best In-flight Connectivity & Communications award in The 2011 Passenger Choice Awards in Seattle USA; The Airline of the Year Award at France’s Lauriers d’Or du Voyage d’Affaires; Top Resa 2011 in addition to the Best First Class Female Amenity Bag; and the Best Business Class Unisex Amenity Bag at the TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards 2011. Oman Air was awarded The Best Business Class Airline, Middle East at the Business Destinations Travel Awards 2012.


The Oman Air Experience :
The Flight and Journey

Muscat is just a six-hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur. Oman Air flies out to Muscat 7 times a week. We were seated in the Economy Class, but amazingly there were only 198 seats on the aircraft, which meant that we had plenty of legroom for passengers – this is definitely the first thing we look out for every time we fly.

> Oman Air’s seats strongly emphasise on passenger comfort, thus the seats themselves are ergonomic, with articulating bottoms that move forward and the backs that slant further backwards to fully support passengers’ lower body, reducing travel fatigue. The personal in-flight entertainment system is also user friendly, which comes with a touch screen that is larger than most airlines and contains various entertaining programmes, games and information to keep passengers occupies throughout the whole flight.

> What we found noteworthy is the fact that Oman Air offers Wi-Fi connectivity in its flights. The service is chargeable, of course, but the service proves beneficial, particularly to business travellers and those who need to get connected to the internet. Oman Air passengers can now simply access and conduct dealings on the web during the journey, thus allowing passengers to use their time more efficiently when they are on air.

> Amenity bags are also given to passengers, which is a special touch to the whole Oman Air experience. Many other airlines unfortunately have stopped giving out amenity bags to all passengers as part of their cost-cutting measures, making the flight on Oman Air more memorable.

> During the six-hour flight, we were served a main meal and a snack. Menu cards were given not long after take-off, giving passengers plenty of time to choose from the three main course options, making the dining experience on Oman Air more personalised.

> We had taken a total of six Oman Air flights during our 10-day trip. The types of aircraft include Airbus A330-300s, Boeing 737-700s and Embraer E175.

> The service by the cabin crew was efficient, courteous and friendly. We must say that we were well taken care of during our journeys on Oman Air. Before we knew it, the entre six hours flew by quickly. We definitely look forward to make another journey on Oman Air!



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