Subang – Firefly introduces its Mobile Booking facility and Empty Seat Option today for the convenience of passengers.Its Mobile Booking facility allows passengers to make flight bookings, buy additional checked-baggage allowance and pay for sports equipment fee, all from their mobile devices. In addition, passengers can also retrieve their booking details anytime, anywhere if they don’t have their flight itinerary with them and change the flight time or date up to 48 hours before scheduled time of departure.

Available as a free app from the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices and iTunes for iPhones and iPads, Firefly Mobile can be downloaded, installed and ready for use within minutes.Firefly’s mobile booking facility was disabled last year with a promise that it would be revamped to offer passengers a better booking experience; and now Firefly has kept that promise and more with the new and improved Firefly Mobile.

Firefly’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Angelina C Fernandez, said:  “Our passengers’ convenience and user experience have always been our top priorities so when we realised that we could improve the offerings on Firefly Mobile, we immediately took steps to do so. It took longer than we had anticipated because finding the right partner was critical to a successful user-friendly product, and as rule we don’t compromise on quality.”

Firefly’s Empty Seat Option allows passengers an opportunity to purchase the empty seat next to theirs, thus allowing them a more comfortable journey. Passengers can use the empty seat they had purchased for the entire duration of their journey.

To apply for an empty seat, passengers enter their flight details on the Optiontown website and pay a small, fixed sign-up fee and an empty seat fee. The empty seat fee is dynamic and is determined by Optiontown.Three hours prior to scheduled flight departure, passengers will receive an email from Optiontown on the availability of the empty seat next to theirs. If they are unsuccessful, they will get a full refund of the Empty Seat Option fee within five working days after their flight departure date while the sign-up fee is non-refundable.

Angelina said:  “We’re sure the Empty Seat Option will be embraced by passengers, especially those who want to stretch out a bit and passengers travelling alone a bit more privacy.”Optiontown manages Firefly’s Empty Seat Option and provides post sale customer service such as providing refund to those passengers who are unsuccessful in securing their seats.Tenon & Groove, LLC owns and manages Optiontown. The company is headquartered inMassachusetts,USAand has wholly-owned subsidiaries inCanadaandIndia.

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