KUALA LUMPUR, 21 April 2013– Chef Adu made his mark as a chef in London when he won the ‘UK Best Dishes Awards‘ in the curry category for the Restaurant Magazine Awards in 2007. His efforts did not stop there – after two years in operation, the restaurant was also selected as one of the 11 best restaurants in London.

After over 16 years,  Chef Adu returned to Malaysia and was invited as a judge for the first season of MasterChef in Malaysia. Due to his overwhelming popularity, he was asked to came back as a judge for MasterChef second season. Chef Adu is fast becoming a household name as he is often approached by the media with regard to his expertise, including being invited to become the jury for culinary competitions.

Chef Adu now goes one step further by authoring a book entitled “IKAN DI LAUT ASAM DI DARAT,” which is published by Galeri Ilmu Sdn . Bhd.  The 170-page book features 61 recipes, consisting of various types of fusion  cooking and bonus recipes.

“IKAN DI LAUT ASAM DI DARAT”  is chosen as the title of the book because it explores dishes that offer the mixture of East and West, reflecting the very nature of Chef Adu himself, whose rich personality is much influenced by his Eastern upbringing and Western experiences. Dedicated to all readers who love to cook, the book is filled with not just recipes but also facts and history of the dishes, including Chef Adu’s personal experiences and travels.


Team that have been support his work

Chef Adu together with the publishing team

Chef Adu welcoming guest

Chef Adu welcomes guests to the launch of “Ikan Di Laut Asam Di Darat”

Chef Adu give fan supportive wishes

Chef Adu autographs the book for his fans

Chef Adu with fan

Chef Adu with a fan




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