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Editor’s Note

People travel for so many reasons. When they travel for leisure, the reason is almost always about wanting to relax, unwind, quench their gratification, recharge so that they can tackle life’s challenges when they return home and be inspired. Those travelling for business seek efficiency, smoothness in travel, savings, opportunities, closing deals and make more money for their respective organisations. Whatever the reason may be, the travel should contain one element: substance.

What do we mean by substance when it comes to travel? To us, it means that the travelling has to be meaningful, impactful, educational, eye-opening and allows the traveller to make emotional and spiritual connection with the people and place that they are travelling to, and not just engage in only hedonistic activities like excessive shopping, excessive eating, unnecessary spa-ing, selfieing (is there such a word?) to show off and excessive partying. As such, we would like to recommend that when you travel to one place, try to look at it from a different perspective, maybe consider questions like “What kind of people inhabit this place? What are their origins?”, “How do the people here get by?”, “What makes the whole economy of the place tick?”, “Why are the conduct of the people here different? What is the people’s culture?”, “What are the positive aspects of the destination that we can take home?”, etc. It would also be great if we could interact more with the people from that place at a deeper level so that we can understand their psyche, how they look at life and how much effort they have to put in to make the place work. Sometimes, during travel, we are so preoccupied with our own agendas and itineraries that we forgot to stop and absorb the place that we are in. Instead, why not take time to observe the place, ask the locals questions about their culture, and reflect on their lives and the environment they inhabit?

In the pages of this issue, we hope that we are able to bring you ideas on where you can head to so that you can travel with substance: experiencing the eco-tourism attractions in Putrajaya and Pahang (page 56); doodling your way around Kuala Lumpur to look at the city with fresh eyes (page 62); hunting for local delicacy in Kuantan (page 70); savouring delicious local fruits at Perak’s agro-tourism farms (page 76); relishing Lanna culture in Chiang Mai (page 88); getting in touch with your inner child at Tokyo Disney Sea (page 92); shopping for Okinawan handicrafts (page 96); and see selected Western European landmarks with your own eyes (page 100). No matter how far, how long and in what mode, we just want to recommend this when you are travelling: take the time to actually understand the place that you are heading to, its people and culture, and see what positive aspects from that place that you can learn and apply back home – now that is what we call travel with substance.

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Cover Photoshoot by Iqmal Fauzee.


11.4 – Travel with Substance

D e p a r t m e n t s
Page 14. Editorial Jottings
Page 16. Bulletin

G a y a T r a v e ll e r
Page 23. Waking up to Langkawi

G a y a T e c h
Page 30. Travel Companions: Samurai Wi-Fi

G a y a S t a y
Page 32. Resorts with Socio-Ecological Conscience

G a y a C a f é C u l t u r e
Page 36. Wood & Steel: Refreshingly Original

G a y a D i n e
Page 40. Reminiscing the Flavours of Great Instant Noodles

G a y a S h o p
Page 42. Lugging Convenience

G a y a  I n t e r v i e w
Page 46. YB Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Mohammed Radzi,
Perak State Executive Councillor for Tourism, Arts, Culture, Communications and Multimedia
Page 52. Mr. Arthur Kiong, CEO of Far East Hospitality

D e s t i n a t i o n s
Page 56. Discovering Eco-Tourism Wonders in Putrajaya and Pahang
Page 62. When Travel meets Doodle – Eat.Travel.Doodle 1.0 Media Familiarisation Programme
Page 70. Kuantan Food Hunt
Page 76. Perak’s Agro Wonders
Page 82. Obrigado Macao!
Page 88. Northern Thailand Charms
Page 92. Finding Neverland at Tokyo Disney Resort
Page 96. Rethinking Japan through Okinawa – Part II of II
Page 100 . Taking the Dream Trip to Western Europe

H o t e l s & R e s o r t s
Page 108. Barefoot Luxury Redefined – Sudamala Resorts
Page 116. Alila Villas Soori – Decadent, Plush and Lush
Page 120. Trading Up for a Luxurious Stay in the heart of KL Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Shangri-La
Page 122. Auspicious Stay at the Mangala Resort & Spa
Page 126. Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort: Exclusive Above Water Hideaway
Page 128. Village Hotel Bugis: Children-friendly Hotel at the Crossroads of Culture

T r a v e l A n e c d o t e s
Page 132. Nadia Aqilah


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