As I drove uphill, my revving car broke the tranquillity of the place. The rustic, modest and unpretentious traditional structure of this spa located amidst lush greenery is a perfect fit for those who desire to escape from the heavy whirl of metropolitan madness, seeking to soothe and rejuvenate the weary mind and soul.

The jamu (traditional Indonesian concoction consisting ginger and lime) served prior to the massage boosted my blood flow, awakening my nerves and brain. After choosing Nadalama’s signature Balinese masssage, my mind immediately relaxed as the experienced masseur slathered the ginger and lemongrass oil onto my skin, allowing me to enjoy the indulgence of having my tired nerves and muscles being worked out. I literally felt that the burdensome weight of stress was gradually kneaded out of my body. Once finished, a strong sense of elation and rejuvenation surged in my body and mind, which was a much needed recuperation after having to endure Kuala Lumpur’s horrendous traffic congestion to get there.

The awesome massage experience really worked up my appetite and luckily, Nadalama Jamu Spa & Bar does serve Indonesian tasty dishes such as the popular ayam penyet or crispy chicken with rice and vegetable, including salads and sandwiches for those who prefer lighter meals. The ayam penyet was prepared using traditional cooking method, which further brings out the flavour and aroma of the dish.

With offerings such as rejuvenating spa treatments and mouth-watering dishes, it is no wonder that Nadalama Jamu Spa & Bar is fast becoming a hideaway of serenity in its own right.

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