Bali is very well-known for its charming and mesmerizing nature’s gift that will drown anyone away into the state of calmness and solitude.Bali is well-known for its charm that immerses visitors with calmness and relaxation. It is located in the eestern side of the Indonesian archipelago, surrounded by the azure Bali Sea that is home to diverse marine life.

The wide open Bali Sea is the playground to so many water activities for instance para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and more that excite adrenaline junkies. Among all those activities, one quite adventurous yet mesmerising and is the SeaWalker, which offers the chance for marine life enthusiasts to marvel at the beauty and colours of life at the ocean floor.

One of the water activities operators that offer the SeaWalker activity is Club Aqua, based in Puri Santrian Beach Resort and Spa in Sanur, known for its white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Prior to undergoing the activity, guests will firstly be briefed about the safety aspects of the activity and some signs that will be used during the activity. There is also a video demonstration on the procedures that guests should follow during the activity shown in Japanese, Russian and Chinese, apart from English, to benefit the non-English speaking tourists.

The guests are then ferried to the middle of the crystal blue sea where the station for the SeaWalker activity is located. Again, the safety instructions are repeated. The special helmet is provided for oxygen supply when walking on the ocean floor – on the way down to the bottom, the water pressure affects guests’ ears, consequently requiring them to ‘pop their ears’ (achieved by pinching the nose and blow, which will then stabilise the pressure within the ears).

Once their ear pressure stabilised, guests are sure to love the entire experience traversing the ocean floor. While walking at the bottom of the sea, guests will be charmed away by the wonderful fishes of various colours, sizes, shapes and species swimming from all corners, as if they are like bees swarming from all angles. \

Guests are also able to feed and play with the fishes, apart from adoring the delicate and colourful corals at the background. The experienced underwater guide will lead the guests to where they can find amazing views from the ocean floor. At times, the guests experience being swooped by a strong ocean current while sea-walking, as if being blown by a strong gust of wind while walking on land.

SeaWalker activity is indeed a wonderful experience that one should try because it allows guests to experience the feeling of living on the sea floor and surrounded by marine life, which is totally different compared to wildlife on land. Your trip to Bali will surely be more meaningful if you were to include this sea-walking activity provided by Club Aqua Bali into your itinerary.

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