All travellers should add this new gadget in their backpacks, which is a great companion for those who love to travel and involve in outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkelling, diving, and rafting. is new companion niftily captures and records all travel experiences complete in high de nition video captures and amazingly vivid still photos. Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V brings great advantages for active travellers like the Gaya Travel team members.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V comes in a sophisticated slim design equipped with splash-proof and waterproof casing, suitable for surfing and snorkelling. Sony mainly markets this device for active purposes, with battery life estimated to last almost two hours and video resolution shot at 1080p/60fps, coupled with SteadyShot and wind/noise reductions. It also o ers features such as time-lapse shooting, high speed recording, and water scene selection to create impressive Action Cam movies.

The photos taken with Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V are sharp with balanced contrast and brightness, vivid and detailed. We are especially impressed with the shot taken during low light. We used to complain a lot when we failed to capture people performing music during a night or indoor concert. Due to the contrasting low and bright lights flooding the stage, the photos tend to blur due to the dancers’ or musicians’ motions. However, with Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V, the photos come out satisfactorily. Tough a little grainy, the pictures are still sharp and vivid, thanks to the SteadyShot function that helps to stabilise the digital images taken by the device.

The camera comes in two modes: normal and underwater. Both modes produce sharp images and video. There are also two view settings built within the camera: 120 and 170 degrees. We totally love the 170-degree option as it gives an amazingly wide perspectives to our shots.

After accompanying our trips to Jordan and Jakarta and taking numerous memorable shots, we must say that Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V is indeed a veritable travel! It is easy to carry, light and most importantly, it captures superb high quality images and videos.

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