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Wales, or locally known as Cymru (pronounced as kumm-ri), is one of the countries that form the United Kingdom that has so much to offer but many a time overlooked by travellers. Based on my experience, I find Wales remarkably significant not only for its role in British history, but also poised to become the

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KUALA LUMPUR, 5 NOVEMBER 2016 – Let’s rock! International DJ and broadcaster DJ Goldierocks, a.k.a. Sam Hall, strikes a pose at the Study UK: Discover You Exhibition. The British sensation has come to Kuala Lumpur, courtesy of British Airways, to support the ‘Education is GREAT’ campaign in Malaysia. The education exhibition is held in conjunction

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For Trafalgar (www.trafalgar.com), travelling to Europe is all about the immersive experiences and as the insider of guided holidays, it means seeing the continent from the inside by taking guests deep in the heart of each destination by interacting with the cultures and local people.