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  5 May 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The alluring aroma of coffee will be thick in the air as coffee lovers converge at the inaugural Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017. Launched this morning, the festival located at the iconic Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 5 to 7 May, is dedicated to celebrating everything that embraces

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Dominated by over 2,000 small and independent coffee roasters, Melbourne no doubt is leading the global charge in specialty coffee. But it’s roughly 3,954 miles away from Kuala Lumpur. – that’s a long way to go for a cup of coffee! Fortunately today, Malaysians can now spare the travel time should they want to enjoy Melbourne’s finest coffee beans and buy them online at Cafebond.com instead!

When life gives you a reason to celebrate, look no further than The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) for a selection of 15 different party packs to suit every occasion. Eliminate the fuss and elevate the experience with selections from Party Classics, Party Signature or Party Premium!

UTZ Certified and the DE (Douwe Egberts) Foundation have launched the Coffee Climate Care project (C3), a three-year multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at establishing adaptation strategies that will make coffee producers more resilient against the impacts of climate change.