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In conjunction with the launch of Visit Pahang Year 2017, Gaya Travel Magazine visited Pahang’s capital city Kuantan and Pahang’s royal town Pekan. Pahang – the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia – is rich with boundless nature, history and great food, which should be savoured by all travellers. The following are...

Club Med Cherating, Club Med’s first resort in Asia, offers a splendid hideaway on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Kuantan, to the Gaya Travel team, seems to be going on the right direction, providing friendly, laid-back dining spots that serve affordable serious food for both locals and travellers alike. The city is turning into a major culinary centre on Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast through its wide range of eateries in the...

Gaya Travel explored selected enthralling eco-tourism attractions in Putrajaya & Pahang during Malaysian Mega Familiarisation Programme by Tourism Malaysia.

Gaya Travel has participated the Malaysia Mega Familiarisation Trip, organised by Tourism Malaysia, in conjunction with Pahang Eco Fam Trip 2016, to discover the eco-tourism destinations in Pahang and some in Putrajaya. Let's embark on this short journey to see what these beautiful states can offer ;)

Dating back from the Ice Age, Taman Negara Pahang has been in existence for over 130 million years and it is also considered as one of the oldest rainforests in the world. This slice of untouched and lush tropical wilderness is a haven for thrill seekers and nature lovers from all around the world.

2013 is thought to be challenging as the effects of recession in the US and Europe will be felt in Asia. However, in the current news, it is predicted that the economies within the Asian region will still remain resilient, albeit going on a slower pace compared to 2012.

Start in Tioman (SIT) is a joint effort between Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Malaysia, Pahang State Government, Divers Association and Diving Centre Operators to further market Tioman to the whole world as an exciting diving spot while creating awareness towards the importance of conserving the island’s...

Beginning late 2011, Billabong has listed Cherating Surf Festival as one of its Asian Surfing Championship circuit, making it one of the most sought after events by surfers all over the world.

Pahang, being rich with natural resources, is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia located on the East Coast and home to much of the stretch of the Titiwangsa Range. Its highlands offer wonderful landscape for us to explore.

Tanah Aina is a collection of four estates totalling 88 acres in Pahang, belonging to Puan Sri Shariffa Sabrina Syed Akil, who is passionate about protecting and conserving Malaysia’s rainforests and natural environment.