If Philea Resort and Spa is a hidden diamond among the lush greenery, then Tanjung Wellness Spa at Philea is the sparkle of that diamond. As Gaya Travel team steps into the lobby of the spa, we find that the place is a welcoming gateway to a remarkably rejuvenating spa experience.

We were greeted with warm smiles from therapists who were ready to pamper us. A list of treatments was presented to us that include facial therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, manicure and pedicure. All of these treatments are dispensed by highly trained and experienced female therapists. There are several structures called treatment pavilions housed within the spa that are suited for not just individual guests but also couples.I decided to go for the aromatherapy massage and body scrub treatment called Therapeutic treatment that applies the use of aromatherapy oil to soothe the mind and relaxes the muscles. Before commencing with the massage, guests are given the choice of selecting one of the three types of aromatherapy oil, each one categorised according to its function: de-stress, sensuous and detox. ‘De-stress’ is an aromatherapy oil that is based on lavender, lemongrass and sandalwood; ‘Detox’ is derived primarily from lemongrass; while ‘Sensuous’ is produced from ylang ylang. Each type has distinct aroma that transmits certain energy. Due to the calming sense that it exudes, I chose ‘De-stress’.

I was then led to one of the treatment pavilions for the first step of the treatment, which was body scrub comprising walnut due to its high antioxidant content. Prior to applying the scrub, the therapist first gave a quick massage to loosen up the tense muscles on my body. The therapist, Alice, did not just simply apply the scrub oil but she also expertly pressed on certain points that allowed invigorating energy to rush through my veins. After the scrub, Alice wrapped me with a towel for ten minutes to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients from the walnut oil. I was then asked to shower to clear off the walnut oil as well as removing the dead skin cells from my skin. The shower was indeed refreshing and I could feel my skin becoming smoother and more radiant.

Then I lay again on the treatment bed for the massage session. The scent of lavender filled up the entire room as the therapist slathered the aromatherapy oil over my body. The massage started from my back and it went downwards from there. The glide of Alice’s fingertips and knuckles gently but firmly soothed my tired muscles. The aromatic massage oil relaxed my mind and body as I enjoyed the pampering of the therapist’s massage – I must add that the massage was among the most efficacious I had ever experienced.Once my session was over and as I walked out of the pavilion, I felt way better than when I came in earlier; in fact, I felt that I became rejuvenated so much to the point that I felt like glowing. I must say that undergoing a treatment at Tanjung Wellness Spa is indeed a must for guests who put up at Philea Resort and Spa – they surely won’t be disappointed.

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