Kuala Lumpur, 4 Sept 2012Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur combines both culture and cuisine during MATTA FAIR 2012 by promoting the Terengganu Food  & Cultural Fest 2012 from 4 September to 10 September 2012.This join effort with the Terengganu State Goverment is also to start on promoting the Visit Terengganu Year 2013.

During this one week promotion, Guest Chef Mohd Ariffin Minggu and Chef Ahmad Sabri Bin Kadir from Primula Beach Resort,Terengganu will feature four set of menus which will be rotation including Terengganu traditional cuisines such as Nasi Dagang, Singgang Sotong (Squid Gravy), Ayam Kerutub Terengganu (Dried Chicken Gravy), Gulai Tulang Rawan Terengganu (Beef Rid Gravy Terengganu Style). Enticing desserts such as Akok,Kuih Lepat Pisang,Kuih Belebab Pisang,Poli Ubi Kayu,Kuih Cara Bergula,Tok Aji Bergula,Tok Aji Serban,Lompat Tikan,Mas Jemput and Buah Tanjung are also available for guests.

Terengganu Food & Cultural Fest 2012 promotion is served during lunch and dinner (12.00 noon- 3.00pm & 6.30pm – 10.30pm), price at Rm55.00nett only per person for lunch and Rm78.00nett only per person for dinner. During the culinary fair,guests will be entertanined with Gamelan performance,feature five musicians playing different traditional intrusments and nine dancers courtesy of the State of Terengganu. For reservations, please call 03 4049 4351/4352

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