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Sungai Tiang Royal Belum

Belum is a Malay word that means “before” and the nature that spanned before our eyes was definitely a real manifestation of pure and undiscovered forest that holds thousands of secrets.

This land of foliage that served our eyes with stillness and contentment definitely mesmerised those in dire need of something more than just temporary relaxation. The undiscovered jungle is perfect for those seeking pure satisfaction in being intimate with nature and to sooth one’s chaotic mind.

Belum Forest Reserve is 130 million years, making it one of the oldest jungles in Malaysia and is home to countless flora and fauna that live wildly and freely in their very own element. Every step taken towards the heart of Belum was meaningful and impressed us with its wonders of The Almighty’s creations. From tall trees to small herb plants, each has its own way of presenting itself, authentically blending with other creatures and species.

All living organisms seem to live in a harmonious environment. One of the most significant plants that can be found in this forest is the Rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world. There are three species that can be found here: Azlanii, Cantleyi and the largest is Kerrii.

Apart from the world’s largest flower, this pristine jungle is also home to 10 species of the great hornbills, possessing the most number of hornbill species ever to be found in one place, outnumbering even those found in Sarawak, which is touted as The Land of the Hornbills. Belum Forest is surrounded by Banding Lake, which was formed due to the dam built to generate electricity. Apparently, the lake is indeed a blessing in disguise for wildlife in Belum.

Some parts of Belum had been sunken underwater, creating a whole new habitat for some exotic species of fish like kelah (mahseer), tengas and temoleh fish.These fish species live freely in their natural habitat and for conservation, there is a sanctuary for them at Ruok waterfalls. Feeding the fish is one of the most entertaining activities here where you can actually hold the fish while feeding them. Watching the fish swimming freely in its own comfortable ‘home’ is such a relief, knowing that they are safe and sound under the watch of Belum Forest Reserve.

Surprise comes one after another as you step further into Belum, which is aptly labelled as ‘land before time’ by the locals. The exotic landscape of Belum also comes with 12 mesmerising waterfalls, as explored by the members of the local authority of Belum.They claim that there bound to be more waterfalls to be introduced in the future, further increasing the potential of Belum as one of the must-visit for ardent and hardcore eco-tourism enthusiasts

.The falling water that hits the rocks emanates serene gush of natural melody that will surely charm all visitors to Belum. Belum Forest Reserve is a place where wonders of nature are vigilantly kept to ensure the preservation of its purity. Belum and its wonders are living treasures that should be conserved so that this priceless heritage can be passed on to future generations.

With some consciousness on the importance of keeping nature as it should be, the world that we are living now will sustain longer, sufficient to show our descendants that the world is filled with great wonders in the form of magical flora and fauna, which we all must conserve as their demise would mark the extinction of mankind.

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