PPhenomenal! If J-Pop culture and Harajuku Dolls are your things, waste no time and make your way to Level 6, Pavilion to experience yourself the ambience of the Land of Sunrise, Japan. Tokyo Street is the new attraction for tourists, local and international, to dive into the indulgence of shopping experience for people who are looking for something new and trendy.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – after having launched the Centre Court, Connection, Couture Pavilion Gourmet Emporium and Seventh Heaven – strongly believes this themed precinct will definitely multiply the number of visitors to this mall, which is deemed as one of the world’s best shopping malls by the International Council Shopping Centre during its VIVA Best-of-the-Best Awards 2010. To the day it was officiated, 100% occupancy has been secured with 32 confirmed brands, among which 70% are debuting for the first time in Malaysia. Some of the brands that occupy this retail area consist of high fashion, gourmet cuisine and cutting edge home ware. The selection of the brands is done based on research that reveals the rising trend in Japanese food, art and culture in Malaysia.Inspired by Asakusa, a district in Tokyo that blends the urban cosmopolitan feel with rich heritage and traditions of Japan, Tokyo Street welcomes visitors with a giant lantern, in the same way as the iconic landmark of Asakusa, the Senso-ji Buddhist Temple.

The opening of the Tokyo Street was officiated by His Excellency Shigeru Nakamura, the Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia and Datin Cindy Lim, Deputy Chairman of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Datin Cindy Lim said, “Japan is a land that is full of interesting and fascinating culture, art, food, music and fashion that appeal to everyone. We are proud that Tokyo Street, a vibrant, must-visit destination for locals and tourists can only be found at one place in Southeast Asia: in Malaysia and at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, one of the world’s best shopping malls.”The presence of Tokyo Street in the local shopping scene definitely brings more exciting varieties to the vibrant Malaysian shopping scene. Vibrant colours and sunny ambience will become another addition to countless of excuses why tourists should come to Malaysia.

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