Bandung may only be known for its factory outlets that attract tourists in droves. Recently however, there is another attraction that is sure to excite travellers coming to this city, which comes in the form of Trans Studio Bandung (TSB), the largest indoor theme park in South East Asia.

TSB is the sister theme park to the first one opened in Makassar. In comparison, TSB’s rides are far more challenging and adventurous since it targets more youths and young adults while the ones in Makassar are more suited for families.Being centrally located, TSB is set in a building that is connected to Bandung Super Mall Complex, one of the biggest malls in Bandung. Covering 4.2 hectares of indoor space, TSB houses 20 rides and attractions. The theme park is divided into three zones: Studio Central, Magic Corner and The Lost City.

According to Ibu Linda Tampi, the General Manager of Trans Studio Bandung, visitors to the theme park need not doubt about the safety of the rides because the park keeps high maintenance standards. On top of that, the rides were all sourced from established American and European manufacturers who have impeccable quality and safety record.

Gaya Travel Team was brought on a tour to experience selected rides and attractions. What is worth noting about the rides is the fact that they are all derived from specific television programmes aired on Trans TV channels (by the way, Trans Studio is owned by the same conglomerate that also owns Trans TV, one of Indonesia’s leading television stations).

The first that we experienced was Dunia Lain (Different World), a believably scary ride that introduced us to popular Indonesian spirits and paranormal entities, using special sound Yamaha Racing Coaster, which has a track that loops and warps, extending out of the building. What is fascinating about this ride is that the thrill begins right from the start since it was totally unpredictable and different than other roller coasters. For all we knew, at starting point, we suddenly accelerated from zero to over 100 kilometres in only a matter of seconds so much so that we didn’t get even the chance to mentally prepare ourselves – the adrenaline rush that we got was so awesome that we remained high for a few minutes even after the ride was already over.

We were then brought to Studio Central zone where the glorious moments of Hollywood in the 60’s come alive through impersonated characters and celebrities who wandered around to offer visitors the chance to snap photos with them.
One ride that many should not miss is the Apart from the Yamaha Racing Coaster, there are other rides such as 4D Marvel Superheroes Ride, Trans Car Racing, Vertigo and Giant Swing that are all equally exciting.

Though there is no age restriction to access the rides, there is however the height requirement of at least 135 centimetres applied onto some of the rides as safety precaution.In the other two zones, Lost City and Magic Corner, the rides are not as nerve-wrecking as the ones in Studio Central but that does not mean they are less interesting. As an amusement park, Trans Studio Bandung caters to entertainment needs of all ages and suitable for families through other fun rides like ‘Dunia Anak’, ‘Pulau Liliput’ and Blackheart Pirate Ship.

The Pirate Ship ride allows visitors to have a clear look of the entire TSB from above, including other people’s facial expressions when experiencing the rides. On the same note, ‘Jelajah’ is one ride that gives the experience of exploring a lost city in the middle of an Amazon-like environment that culminates with a 13-metre waterfall drop.

There is also a corner with thematic playpen for small children to play with soft toys, keeping them busy for hours while the other family members can have their own fun time enjoying various adventurous rides.Apart from fun and exciting rides, Trans Studio Bandung also offers interactive and  enjoyable learning session at its Science Centre that boasts over 70 exhibits, ranging from subjects such as Biology and Chemistry to Physics and Mathematics. There are many devices that demonstrate interesting experiments to boost public’s interest towards science, making the time spent at the Science Centre truly educational for the whole family.

Trans Studio Bandung also accommodates corporate functions, product launches, meetings, team-building sessions, family fun day, school field trip, birthday celebrations or whatever kind of events that clients intend to organise. This place is a perfect setting for those who want to hold memorably unique events or ceremonies.

Likened to a self-contained city, Trans Studio Bandung has everything under one roof such as medical dispensary, toilets, auto-teller machines and food & beverage outlets. There are six main eateries available in this indoor theme park, encompassing fast food, noodles, Western food and local Sundanese fare: Corvette Diner, Studio Chick, Studio Kuring, Studio Mie, Studio Steak, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

Bandung may always have been known as the city of fashion in Indonesia; however, with the presence of Trans Studio Bandung, there are now more reasons for tourists to visit the city. Trans Studio Bandung is set to change the landscape of tourism in Bandung from just the city of affordable fashion to the city of total leisure, thus turning it into a more vibrant destination.

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