Tanjung Lesung is a low-key place that still holds little recognition among foreign travellers, but has been an absolute favourite among the Jakartans for many years as weekend getaway destination where they can chase sunsets and sip cool drinks underneath swaying palm trees.

A friendly deer wandering freely throughout the grounds of Peucang Island

Jumping Into The Snow Wonderland of Hokkaido

Follow our journey to Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture in Japan. Be sure to grab Gaya Travel Magazine (Issue 12.3) that will coming out next month for the full article. Special thanks to Hokkaido Tourism for this memorable experience.

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Be sure to read Shahida’s first-hand experience when she explored Fiji courtesy of Fiji Airways. On top of that, for those who yearn to see the Aurora Borealis, Gaya Traveller team offers advice on how to do so from Iceland, a far-flung destination that should be visited at least once by all intrepid travellers due to its awesomely dramatic landscapes. But be warned: travellers need to brave the destination’s trying temperatures when they visit it outside summer months.

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, an urbane and family-friendly property that is efficient and on-point. A property that is exclusive and intimate, sporting an architectural style that attempts to bring as much natural light in as possible, making it brighter than many other places in Bali.

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