“Look, it’s a shooting star!”

There are millions of small rocks colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere every night (and day), each resulting in bright flash of light across the sky, which is also referred to as the shooting star. Such sightings are fairly common on every cloudless night – if only one has the patience to watch out for them. Sadly, in all my life, I’d never spotted one myself, until I set foot in the South West of Western Australia, where Mother Nature showcases some of her finest works, and where I spotted my first ever lucky omen.


Gaya Travel brings you on a journey of discovery to Perak, a state in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia that offers you wide variety of attractions from adventure, nature, culture to culinary.

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By the time I am writing this, it is already the second quarter of 2018. Our team’s schedule for the past three months have been hectic, filled with travelling to various destinations within and outside Malaysia. The Malaysian travel and tourism industry seems to be cautiously upbeat about 2018, forecasting that business growth for the first quarter might be better than the year before.

In an increasingly crowded hospitality market with more and more hip hotels that have popped up in Singapore recently, Andaz Singapore sets itself apart by creating ‘inspiring, indigenous experiences that immerse guests in the local culture’.

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