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Cabin crew uniforms are crucial to identify them as airlines’ employees and front-line ambassadors, making them easily recognisable from afar. Go through Gaya Travel Magazine’s list of selected airline uniforms that travellers can have fun spying on when flying internationally!


1. Thai Airways


This is what it looks like when traditional meets modern – Thai Airways uniform embodies traditional Thai characteristics that are gentle to live up to the airlines’ motto “Smooth as Silk”. The female cabin crew uniform use Thai silk woven fabric and a flower brooch attached on the left chest makes it authentic and elegant. On top of that, Thai Airlines is one of the few airlines that has in-flight uniform change policy, therefore passengers will get to see them changing attire during mid-flight.


2. Qantas



Qantas cabin crew recently sport new uniform designed by Paris-based Australian designer, Martin Grant with navy, a pop of red and fuchsia pink. Grant took about a year to finalise the uniform’s final design after consulting with Qantas staff. According to Alan Joyce, Chief Executive of Qantas “the new uniform speaks Australian style on the global scale”.


3. Fiji Airways

Another airline cabin crew uniform that says “look at me, I’m authentic!” is Fiji Airways (the flag carrier of Fiji). The uniform looks modern yet inspired by Fiji elements such as aqua colour, earthy tones and traditional motifs to represent the nation’s clear waters, blues skies and island paradise.


4. Air France

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Air France uniform is snazzy, especially for its female cabin crew. The French go with black trench coat and red waist bow that also functions as the belt, making them look simultaneously cool and mysterious. The red waist bow celebrates the lively French spirit.


 5. Alitalia


The airline’s uniform, which takes inspiration from the glory days of Italian fashion back in 1950s and 1960s, is designed by Milanese designer Ettore Bilotta. The female crew have three uniform options in the forms of one piece dress, jacket, shirt underneath the jacket and skirt or trouser in two different colours: burgundy red and dark emerald green. Amazingly, all of these pieces and colours complement each other.


6. Aegean Airlines  

Designed by Sophia Kokosalaki – a Greek fashion designer based in London – the uniform embraces timeless and simple Greek elements. The uniform for the female cabin crew is a one piece dark blue dress, with a scarf on the neck as accessory. The uniform’s design is intentionally simple to allow the crew to move easily when giving the best service to the passengers.


7. Etihad Airways

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Also designed by Ettore Bilotta back in 2014, Etihad opted for a timeless cabin crew uniform. The uniform colour scheme comprises brown and purple. The male crew is bedecked in smart brown suit with black gloves and golden orange tie, while the female crew is cladded in brown suit with skirt, gloves, and hat that comes in two different colours to distinguish between the manager and the normal crew. The crew members are also provided with a foldable trench coat to be worn off-duty.


8. Malaysian Airlines

The uniform for the female cabin crew is a batik sarong kebaya designed back in 1986 by MARA University of Technology (UiTM) School of Fashion, then updated in 1993. The male uniform on the other hand was updated in 2012. The airline’s iconic sarong kebaya features batik and Sarawakian traditional print motifs that make it look elegant and timeless. The kebaya is treated into five slightly different designs with different colours, depending on the positions of the crew.


9. Korean Air

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Designed by Gianfranco Ferré back in 2005, Korean Air’s uniform features a mixture of eggshell blue, white and cream colour scheme, including leather gloves and blue neck scarves to encapsulate the elegance of the airline, complement beauty of the airline’s female crew and match their tagline, which is “Excellence in Flight”. The uniform for the female crew is a structured cream suit with a blue water-like sheen beneath it.


10. Singaporean Airlines


Nothing screams more authentic than the iconic Singaporean Airlines’ female cabin crew outfit, which is traditional batik sarong kebaya designed by Pierre Balmain. The uniform is synonymous to the Singapore Girl brand campaign that represents Asian values and hospitality. The kebaya sarong comes in four colours to distinguish their ranks: blue, green, red and burgundy. To complement the simplicity of the female uniform, the male cabin crew sport fitted suit also the same four colours.


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