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The tourism business here in Selangor has portrayed a positive stand in the tourist eyes. Tourist-related revenue here has generated more than RM 5 billion since last 5 years. That growth is also fuelling a welcome boost in the employee appointment in Selangor as new businesses and attractions emerge thus enticing visitors to spend. Selangor is well known for its famous beautiful natural landscape and there’s no better way to see it than on foot.

So, get ready to fill your travel bucket list to be filled for the upcoming year with our swoon-worthy selection of destinations in Selangor to visit in 2019 which is hand-picked by Tourism Selangor. Buckle up for a year filled with terrific travel adventures.

Sky Mirror (Secret Island), Kuala Selangor

The Kuala Selangor Beach is a unique tourist attraction that is only accessible to tourists twice a month during the new moon and full moon periods. It is located 1.74 nautical miles off the coast of the fishing village of Jeram, Selangor, in the middle of the Straits of Malacca Sea. Most of the time, it is submerged underneath the sea which makes it uncharted on the world map. It is when the tide is ideal that this sand bar emerges, Malaysia’s own “Salar de Uyuni”. Kuala Selangor Beach is better known as “Mirror of the Sky “as the shallow waters of this “Secret Island” reflects the sky in all its going, thus creating many unique photography opportunities. The Island makes a perfect travel destination for your holiday and it is also a habitat for many marine agriculture. The most common are the sea and baby clam scattered abundantly in the sand.


1. Sky Mirror Credit-Instagram Sky Mirror.

Sky Mirror Credit-Instagram Sky Mirror.

Royal Klang Heritage Walk (Free Guided Walk Tour)

The Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk aims to highlight Klang’s charm, character and unique attractions including clusters of colonial sights, places of worship, a school, fire station, royal gallery, and a tin warehouse built by a local Malay chieftain. As a royal town and former capital of Selangor, Klang is characterized by historic buildings and quaint inspired by traditional structures. Klang’s heritage quarters may be visited on foot via an interesting walking tour provided free-of-charge by the city’s municipal council and Tourism Selangor, who’ve identified up to 11 tourist attractions for the walk. The Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk is conducted by professional guides, with entry to exclusive venues only on this walk. The under 3km trail is relatively easy as the route follows footpaths in and around the city center. The walking tour takes about 2.5 hours to complete and is conducted in English.

2. Royal Klang Heritage Walk - Credit Emily To You

Royal Klang Heritage Walk – Credit Emily To You

Kuala Kubu Bharu Hidden Gem Activities

Kuala Kubu Bharu is the town you will pass by if you are on your way to one of the least developed hill resort in Malaysia which is the Fraser’s Hill. This town is about 50km – 60km away from Kuala Lumpur and the town itself is about 80 years old. Driving here from Kuala Lumpur using the trunk road from Rawang will take approximately 1 hour. The original town was known as Kuala Kubu and was well known for tin mining activities in Selangor. It used to be the fort of Raja Mahadi when he fought with Tengku Kudin during the Selangor civil war from 1867 to 1874. Today, the town centre is well-maintained with proper parking lots, well-kept trees and a clean surrounding. You can see the mountain range from this pleasant and quiet town. There are a few rows of shop houses which are about 80 years old and most of them had been renovated and re-painted. Give a try on the food there and go sight-seeing within the vicinity. Some of the attractions in KKB includes the Chilling Waterfalls, Paragliding Activities, White Water Rafting, Rope-Swing, Moutain Bike, Hiking, Glamping and many more.

3. Kuala Kubu Bharu Hidden Gem Activities - Credit

Kuala Kubu Bharu Hidden Gem Activities – Credit


Tanjung Sepat An Emerging Eco Agro Tourism

Tanjung Sepat is a small, coastal town located approximately 95 kilometres south of downtown Kuala Lumpur. Visitors often make a detour here to visit the town’s fishing village and indulge in its culinary delights. The town is also an emerging eco/agro tourism destination with a growing number of visitors arriving over the past decade or so. Tourist buses are a common sight here especially on weekends as local and foreign visitors are eager for a taste of culture and traditional glimpse here in this serene and calm village very appealing. Some of the Agro tourism products made here are Bakaugruv Kampung Resort, Kuan Wellness Ecopark and Ganofarm Homestay. For food lovers, you can find some authentic kopitiam-style coffee, pao, fish ball, seafood and many more.

4. Tanjung Sepat An Emerging Eco Agro Tourism - Credit Wikipedia

Tanjung Sepat An Emerging Eco Agro Tourism – Credit Wikipedia

Kajang Heritage Centre (Free Guided Walk Tour)

Kajang Heritage Centre is a small gallery located in Kajang town located on the same row with Maybank. Full with collection related to the Kajang town & Hulu Langat District. It is surely worth to visit and the Heritage Centre itself promotes community engagement in building a more liveable environment through history, culture and creative arts

5. Kajang Heritage Centre - Credit twitter cikgu lee

Kajang Heritage Centre – Credit twitter cikgu lee

Cultural and Heritage Program @ Sultan Alam Shah Muzeum (Free Cultural Performance Show)

Selangor’s Malay Tradition and Heritage Corporation (PADAT) introduces a culture/heritage-inspired program that is held every Sunday, the second week of each month at the Sultan Alam Shah Museum, Shah Alam. This program is an initiative by the Selangor State Government to promote culture and art in the form of traditional dances, traditional games, and so forth.

PADAT Dancers by KimTeoh

PADAT Dancers by KimTeoh

Eco Adventure Activities @ Batu Caves

The Batu Caves stairway has a colourful new look and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Tourists will now have even more reason to visit the iconic Batu Caves as the tourist hotspot is now sporting a new vibrant look. The Dark Cave is one of the main caves at the Batu Caves hill which is located 15km away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. It comprises of a 2km surveyed passages with 7 major sections named A through F and the Great Chamber. Dark Cave is one of the must-see Batu Caves attractions for travellers as it is home to an ancient animal community of 100 million years old and features the rarest spider in the world, the Trapdoor spider (Liphistius batuensis). It has a unique guano-driven ecosystem, which can sustain a tremendous ecological significance of rich scientific and educational interest. Dark Cave has its own special features of magnificent cave formations – stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, cave pearls, cave curtains, column and gour pools which has taken Mother Nature eons to form. The protected cave here is part of a conservation effort where Educational tours and Adventure tours for the public are conducted. The Damai Extreme Park here also features rock climbing activity.

7. Batu Caves Rainbow Staircase and Dark Cave, the Eco Adventure Activity - Credit instagram

Batu Caves Rainbow Staircase and Dark Cave, the Eco Adventure Activity – Credit instagram

Selangor Fruit Valley

It is the latest Agro Tourism destination in Selangor and a step forward in modernizing the agricultural sector. Explore the vast tropical fruit farm at Selangor Fruit Valley with your loved ones, engage in interactive learning and try the fun outdoor activities such as, Tram ride, Petting zoo (deer, rabbit, hedgehog and guinea pig), Herbal garden (150 species of herb), Orchard, Harvesting vegetables activity, Stingless bees farm (lebah kelulut), Mountain bike trail, Rubber tapping activity and indulge in the Rumah Kampung with all the farm animals.

8. Selangor Fruit Valley - Credit MDKS

Selangor Fruit Valley – Credit MDKS

Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has made its debut in Malaysia with unveiling a strikingly modern hotel and conference center close to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Located just a few minutes from KLIA and neighbouring KLIA2, the hotel features unique architecture, upscale guest amenities and extensive meetings and events facilities including one of the country’s largest convention centers. The hotel features 333 rooms and suites with the latest in-room technology. The Executive Rooms and Suites offer access to an Executive Lounge with a daily buffet and a variety of additional amenities. Mövenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA will be a major venue for events of all sizes, including some of the region’s largest international exhibitions and conferences.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for more luxury places, check out these puchong apartments.

9. Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA - Credit movenpickhotelklia

Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA – Credit movenpickhotelklia

Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA

The Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP) near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) here has broadened its outlet with over 20 new stores, bringing the total to 170 stores. Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG (MOP) is a factory outlet shopping mall located 60km from KL and 6km from KLIA and klia2. Advocating a factory outlet concept, MOP offers a myriad of upper-middle to high-end off seasoned brands and products at attractive discounts and not forgetting a Japanese Specialty Store (Japan Avenue), introducing Japanese Art, Culture, Music and Culinary Delights. Catering to a diverse group of customers, MOP also offers an array of scrumptious fare ranging from authentic Malay cuisine, oriental fare to western delights, cafes and a food court.

10. Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA - Credit

Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA – Credit


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