During the recent Eid Fitr (the celebration that follows after the ending of the Muslim fasting month), Gaya Travel team together with a group of media members, bloggers and social media influencers headed to Langkawi, dubbed as the Jewel of Kedah. Staying true to its title, Langkawi has long been one of Malaysia’s favourite destinations that offers wonderful natural wonders, world-class hotels and resorts, exciting water-based activities and happening events all-year long.

Visiting this island of the legendary Mahsuri and other local folklores during Eid Fitr was nothing short of amazing. We explored a few places on the island and experienced some of the attractions.

We even had the opportunity to attend a special Eid ul Fitr open house organised by Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) with the theme Langkawi Aidilfitri Special 2019. The event showcased delectable selection of dishes served by four- and five-star hotels and resorts around Langkawi, on top of colourful traditional performances and games that enthralled local and international spectators.

Good to know:

In 2007, UNESCO declared Langkawi as a Global Geopark due to its outstanding geo-heritage features.


Umgawa Legendary Adventure

Recommended for adventurous souls, this is the place where you can be one with nature. Umgawa has 12 ziplines, in which the longest spans 200 metres. The experience gliding from tree to tree within the over the ancient rainforest that is part of the Matchinchang Geopark, including the dramatic Seven Wells Waterfall, is absolutely exhilarating! Umgawa’s Safety Sky Rangers are helpful and informative too, explaining the do’s and don’ts with clear instructions, making the experience safer and enjoyable.

W: http://www.ziplinelangkawi.com/
T: +6 013 343 8900

Darulaman Sanctuary

Do you know that birds function as highly sensitive indicators to the well-being of an ecosystem? With over 200 species of birds in Langkawi that can be observed at Darulaman Sanctuary, many travellers will find this piece of information eye-opening. Among the birds that travellers can spot are the collared kingfisher, great hornbill, crimson sunbird, black-hooded oriole and of course, the proud Brahminy kite eagle, or locally known as Lang Merah, said to be the inspiration behind the name Langkawi.

Along the way, travellers are also able to come across various kinds of wildlife such as butterflies, scorpions, monkeys and spiders.

W: http://www.sanctuary.bdb.com.my/
T: +6 04 955 8080

Sunset Cruise with SeaSplash Adventure

Sunset in Langkawi is quite spectacular and should be admired by all travellers when the weather permits. To experience this, travellers may opt for SeaSplash Adventure, which brings them on a relaxing voyage on a well-equipped vessel. Departing from Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, we cruised around Langkawi, passing by some of the island’s iconic attractions such as Pulau Dayang Bunting and Eagle Square, finally witnessing the memorable sunset while being served with refreshing beverages and delicious barbecue dinner.

W: https://www.seasplashlangkawi.com/
T: +6 04 955 7114

Langkawi Cable Car & Sky Bridge
Langkawi SkyBridge

Langkawi SkyBridge

Notably Langkawi’s most prominent attraction, Langkawi Cable Car or SkyCab has been officially operating since 2005. It is also known as the steepest cable car ride in the world. The ride from the base platform brings passengers to the peak of Matchincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, believed to have been formed 500 million years ago. Once arrived, travellers can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Langkawi alongside the majestic Andaman Sea. There is also a curved Sky Bridge that stands 709 metres above sea level for travellers to admire the majestic surrounding landscape even further.

W: http://www.panoramalangkawi.com/
T: +6 04 959 4225

3D Art Museum

This is the largest 3D Museum in South East Asia, second in the world. It has as many as 105 interactive art pieces by 23 artists, all categorised into nine exciting zones such as Optical Illusion Zone, Aquarium Zone, Safari Zone, Fantasy Zone, Malaysia Zone and more. Meant to fire up your imagination and creativity, this museum is brilliant and should be included into your family vacation in Langkawi. Fair warning, though: you will need more than an hour to fully experience the museum because it is huge!

W: http://artinparadise.com.my/
T: +6 013 509 1209


Skyrex. [Source: panoramalangkawi.com]

Put your seatbelt on and get ready for a thrilling 4D adventure on a tram-styled simulator! Once you are ready, you will be brought to enter an otherworldly park filled with benign and fierce dinosaurs, guaranteeing a thrilling experience. Get ready for suspense and adrenaline rush as you encounter some of the most well-represented theropods, including the much-feared Tyrannosaurus rex!

W: http://www.panoramalangkawi.com/skyrex/

Paradise 101

This is a man-made, private, day-resort island that is fast becoming Langkawi’s premier water sports destination. Either to simply relax by the beach or get wet by doing water activities, this island offers the best at both. It has a bar, plenty of chairs and well-equipped toilet and bathrooms, including a list of water activities like water park, kayaking, banana boat and jet ski.

W: https://www.paradise101.com/
T: +6 04 963 9200

Kilim Geoforest Park

This is one of the three geo-site parks in Langkawi dedicated as a sanctuary for the island’s extensive mangrove eco-system, wonderful karst hills and caves. A myriad of wildlife can be found here, including monitor lizards, squirrels, monkeys, mud crab and birds like kingfishers and kite birds. There is even a spot where travellers can witness Brahminy kite eagles swooping by.

A tour inside this park also brings travellers to meet the 69-year old Mehad bin Daud (famously known as Pak Su), who is fluent in several languages, including Japanese, explaining about the life of a fisherman and introducing some of his ‘native friends’ such as stingrays and horseshoe crabs.

T: +6 04 959 2323


Selera Akmal Restaurant
Selera Akmal Restaurant

Selera Akmal Restaurant

Popular for grilled fishes including stingrays, catfishes and torpedo scads, this restaurant is usually packed during lunch hour. It mainly serves local cuisine comprising dishes like pucuk ubi masak lemak tempoyak, rendang daging, local salads and many more.

T: +6 012 594 4638

Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi
Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi

Seashells Restaurant, Laman Padi

With the concept of Malay kampung surrounded by sawah padi (rice field) in Kedah, this restaurant serves local menu fused with Western influences. More than just the view of an authentic sawah padi, the Malay kampung experience is made even better by the restaurant’s rustic decor and traditional music playing in the background.

T: +6 04 955 3581

Kak Yan Nasi Campur

Another popular restaurant for lunch, Kak Yan Nasi Campur offers Langkawi’s favourite dish called kerabu bronok, which is basically a traditional salad with bronok, a sea cucumber-like marine life found around the island. But if you are not into this exotic food, there are other delectable options available that you will be spoilt for choice!

T: +6 017 408 4371

Warung Jati Aisyah
Warung Jati Aisyah

Warung Jati Aisyah

This eatery, located in Kedawang, is rather small, but brims with delicious local cuisines. This place is a must for travellers who seek for the authentic taste of Langkawi. The eatery also serves up refreshing local desserts like ais kacang, cendol, pulut mangga and pulut durian.


Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel

This is one of the establishments owned by Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, an award-winning marina with 250 berths, besides Fisherman’s Wharf and Charlie’s Bar & Grill. This boutique hotel boasts 44 rooms that come in different categories such as Marina View Cottage, The Admiral Presidential Suite, Standard Room, Courtyard Room, Seaview Room, Hillview Room and Skylight Room with open-air shower. It also has a spa and sea-side swimming pool.

W: http://langkawiyachtclubhotel.com/
T: +6 04 966 4078

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