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Truth be told, when people mention the words Putrajaya, many still tend to think that these planned city only consist of government buildings, residences and public parks. While that is true, many people should begin realising that the city also make ideal weekend retreat away from Klang Valley hustle and bustle. So this is Gaya Travel Magazine’s take on how to become a tourist in Putrajaya (even though you might live in these cities)…


  1. Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, Putrajaya

Here, travellers can choose to board either the traditional handcrafted perahu (gondola) or the air-conditioned cruise boats, which last for 25 minutes to two hours depending on the chosen packages. Either way, the ride afford travellers the view of Putrajaya along the main boulevard and its surroundings while taking in the breeze from the lake. Passengers get to view notable landmarks such as Putra Mosque, Darul Ehsan Palace, the cluster of Four Towers known as 4G9, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Palace of Justice, Seri Saujana Bridge, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Seri Gemilang Bridge, Perdana Putra (Prime Minister’s office) and the Putra Bridge from the deck. Also available on the cruises are the services of cocktail, tea party, dinner and karaoke.


Website :
Price : Between RM15 to RM40 per person
Opening Hours: Operates daily from 11:00 a.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. on weekends



2. Putrajaya Botanical Garden and Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya

The botanical garden is a treasure trove of Malaysian botanical taxonomy, besides serving as the centre for education and research. It is divided into five different themes: Explorer’s Trail, Palm Hill, Floral Garden, Sun Garden and the Lakeside. There is also a 170-metre Canopy Bridge at the Visitors’ Interpretive Centre exit, where visitors can traverse along treetops. Adjacent to the garden sits the pavilion constructed in Moroccan architecture style to commemorate the ties between Malaysia and Morocco. Intricate and enchanting Moroccan designs keep visitors in awe, especially the entrance courtyard, King’s Court and Granada Court. The water fountain situated in the centre of Granada Court is inspired by the Lion’s Court of Alhambra.

Opening hours: 9:oo a.m to 7:00 p.m. daily


3. Putrajaya Wetlands and Nature Interpretive Centre (NIC), Putrajaya

Replete with flora and fauna, this 138-hectare land clearly shows how crucial nature is to humans in providing clean potable water. Visitors should let themselves lost in the greenery whilst enjoying the scenery and observing wildlife. Activities such as stargazing, cycling, kayaking and night-trekking are available in this park. For visitors who come in groups, prearranged dinner and activities are available. Besides appreciating nature at its best, do head down to the Nature Interpretive Centre (NIC) to understand better about Putrajaya Wetland’s eco-system. Offering interactive and interesting information, NIC is definitely educational. From digital presentations to theatrical performances, NIC embodies a well-thought out information centre. For eco-enthusiasts, remember to hold activities at Putrajaya Wetlands!



4. Saujana Hijau Park, Putrajaya

Those who love jogging and strolling in the park will find Saujana Hijau Park ideal. Influenced from English landscapes, the park’s well-kept pathway invites strollers, runners and cyclists to meander through it, bringing them to various pavilions and facilities along the way. Located in Presint 11, Putrajaya visitors can choose to ride bicycle or jog around its undulating and mesmerising picturesque terrain.



5. Natural History Museum, Putrajaya

Do you know that Malaysia is the habitat for the world’s smallest bird species? If not, then it is probably time for you to head down to the Nature Heritage Museum in Putrajaya. This museum offers interesting display of specimens after specimens of Malaysian wildlife, making it a centre worthwhile to be visited by families with school-going children to learn more about the animals and their habitats. Various taxidermied animals are also on display here. Located in Presint 15 Putrajaya.


Opening Hours: Opens daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


6.Hot Air Balloon Ride, Putrajaya

MyBalloon Adventure invites travellers to view Putrajaya as they’ve never seen before: 500 feet above ground! This hot air balloon ride starts daily at around 7:00 a.m. adjacent to Monumen Alaf Baru, Presint 2, Putrajaya.


Price/packages : RM850 to RM1150 per person, which include pre-flight refreshment, post-flight breakfast and certificate.



7. Prime Minister Official Residence (Seri Perdana), Putrajaya

If you are keen to know how a Prime Minister’s home looks like, then drop by at Seri Perdana, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Built on a 42.5-acre land, this property is now opened for public viewing 15 years after its completion. Seri Perdana is open every day except Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., except during public holidays. For guided tours, travellers can come on Mondays through Thursdays.



8. Fantasy Rainforest at PICC, Putrajaya

Since its inaugural show on the 20th January 2016, “Fantasy Rainforest” has been drawing theatre lovers’ interest due to its stellar performance and production. This 60-minute show encapsulates the concept of love, tolerance and harmony between Mother Earth and human beings through an interesting storyline involving a hunter, an aboriginal tribe and wildlife played by remarkable talents. The ticket is sold for RM200 (VIP), RM120 (Adult) and RM60 (Child). On top of that, visitors should also consider trying out the delectable lunch or dinner offerings served at Cafe@PICC after the show, which begins at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily.



9. Putrajaya Equestrian Park, Putrajaya

Why not take a refreshing break from routine by riding horses at the Putrajaya Equestrian Park? This park offers a riding school that is open to the public at reasonable rates for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Learn how to gain confidence and relax while riding, master basic horse sense, understand the safety aspects of riding and handling horses. Prices for private lessons and classes range from as low as RM70 up to RM110.



10. Putrajaya Challenge Park, Putrajaya

For those who like extreme sports experiences and want to test their courage and stamina, we suggest they head to the Putrajaya Challenge Park, a 30-hectare park in Presint 5 said to have some of the best extreme sports facilities in Asia! It features an indoor rock wall-climbing that reaches up to 20-metre high (equivalent to a 5-storey building), skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling and mountain biking.

Opening hours: Opens daily at 10: 00 a.m.


11. District 21 at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Love extreme sports but hate the scorching hot weather? Then why not head to District 21 at one of the biggest shopping malls in Malaysia. Recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records, this 70,000 square feet indoor park features 11 adventure attractions including Wall Climbing, Roller Glider, Go Pedal, Pump Track, Low Ropes, Trampoline, The Maze, Free Fall (Buggy Jumping), Sky Trail, Tubby Ride and Carousel. District 21 also gives multiple entry privilege to travellers, allowing them to re-enter the park within the same date should they feel tired after all those activities and in need of having a break by enjoying ice cream just outside the park, only to continue afterwards.

Price: RM 58 per person on weekdays, RM 75 per person on weekends


12. Precinct 9 Food Court, Putrajaya

This food court boasts 15 stalls selling local and Western dishes, including nasi kerabu and nasi dagang from Terengganu, Kajang satay by Haji Samuri, Johor mee rebus, and Penang char kuey teow. But should visitors are interested in trying something unique, we recommend a snack called kacang pool or also known as ful medames, which is common in Arab, Middle Eastern and African cuisines. Kacang pool is made of broad beans (fava beans), green chillies, onions and served with a sunny side up egg and bread.


13. Putrajaya Farmer’s Market, Putrajaya

Located in Precinct 2, this market is a local gastronomic haven for foodies looking for fresh and tasty treats. One popular stall here, in particular, is called Peneram Nadjmi selling cekodok that comes in 11 flavours such as banana, yam, onion, anchovy and sugar-laden – one can never walk out of this stall empty handed! These amazing flavoured golden balls are sold at RM2 for 14 pieces. Putrajaya Farmer’s Market  is held on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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