By Shahida Sakeri on September 7, 2018


If you think beautiful islands are the only reasons why Terengganu attract travellers, then think again. The state is home to bountiful treasures of nature and Lake Kenyir is one of the places in Terengganu where you can see Mother Nature at its finest. Read on to find out the top five fun-filled activities in Lake Kenyir that travellers should partake if they are there for the first time.

1. Play with the King of River Fish

How do you feel about having hundreds of fish swimming between your feet? Well, you won’t know until you try it at the Kelah Sanctuary, which is the breeding and nursery ground for the king of river fish known as mahseer or kelah. Here, you can play with the fishes and feed them, but no fishing is allowed in the area. Warning: major ticklish experience alert!

Entrance Fee: MYR 10 (MyKad Holder) and MYR 20 (Non-MyKad Holder)
Boat Transfer Rate from Pos Kawalan Jetty: MYR 5 for return trip


2. Bathe the Elephants

If you love to watch adorable elephants up close, consider visiting Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village, the home to 13 rescued elephants. There is a show happening on site twice a day, and if you don’t mind getting wet, visitors are also welcomed to bathe the elephants at a nearby tributary. The village spans 256 hectares, but only 10% of the area is developed to provide the best natural habitat possible for the elephants. There are also canopy walks in the area for visitors to admire the beautiful surrounding greenery.

Entrance Fee: MYR 40 per adult (MyKad Holder) and MYR 100 per adult (Non-MyKad Holder); MYR 20 per child (MyKad Holder) and MYR 50 per child (Non-MyKad Holder)

3. Explore the Geological Wonders

Switch on your torchlight and be prepared to be amazed by the dazzling stalactites of various unique formations in two of the most popular limestone caves in the area: Bewah and Taat. Both are the sites of important archaeological find that includes kitchen utensils and the remains of a 16,000-year old human in Bewah cave. These caves are located within the National Park, so permits are required to enter the park. Also, take note that Taat Cave is inaccessible during rainy season, but Bawah Cave remains open all year round.

4. Take a Splash in the Waterfalls

Terengganu is undeniably one of the warmest (temperature-wise) states in Malaysia, so why not cool off in the refreshing waters of beautiful waterfalls while admiring the pristine surroundings? There are 14 waterfalls within the area, with the most popular ones being Lasir, Tembat and Saok. The last one is the easiest to reach, but Tembat Waterfall is more popular among campers, mainly because it has a camping site that can accommodate large groups and has less demanding trail leading to a vantage point that offers spectacular view of the waterfall.


5. Stay in a Houseboat

Top off your Lake Kenyir experience by staying on a houseboat that allows you to be close to nature. Our personal pick is the Kenyir Eco Resort with its comfortable beds, delicious meals and plenty of activities to keep you entertained, including banana boat rides, fishing and swimming in the warm waters. The nights are peaceful here; if you’re here during clear weather, you may also witness the beautiful starry sky at night. The rate for a Quadruple Room (Sleeps 4 Guests) is between MYR280 to MYR300 per night (depending on the season).

Please contact Go Nature Travel Agency to arrange trip to Lake Kenyir.


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