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Choosing a pleasant place to stay is crucial before going on a vacation. In our previous listicle, we have mentioned top 9 activities you can do when in Tioman. It is now time to pick the place for you to stay in Tioman, which helps in making your visit to the island more memorable!

1. Berjaya Tioman Resort(

Situated in Kampung Tekek and not far from the jetty, this resort is definitely a good and stylish place, fully equipped with expected conveniences and amenities, suitable for those who wish for a luxury stay in Tioman. It is also the jump off point to Pulau Renggis, where you can easily snorkel to observe marine life! This resort’s rate starts from MYR345 per night, which includes breakfast.


Chalets at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort

Good to know:

  1. The room is spacious and comes with powerful air-conditioning unit. Do take note that the commodes do not come with bidet or hose for washing down.
  2. Be sure NOT to press the lock button on the door knob once you exit the room because the door locks automatically if you press the lock button (like what I did), you can’t open your door and need to wait for the staff to come over to enter the room.

Side note:

Berjaya Tioman Resort is closed from 1 December 2019 until 19 January 2020 for maintenance


2. Barat Tioman Beach Resort(

I really am in love with this resort, situated in Kampung Juara that requires you to take a four-wheel drive to reach here from Tekek. All rooms are designed facing the pool, and you only need to walk 50 metres to the beach! If you wish to watch television, you can go to the reception counter and they will give you a hard disk full of interesting movies to watch! The view is amazing and totally Instagram-worthy. The price starts from MYR280 for high season and MYR22O for low season.

Good to Know:

  1. This place is suitable for those who are on backpacking trip and don’t wish to do that many activities, preferring to relax instead while enjoying the view of the beach views from the room.
  2. Neither internet connectivity nor electricity supply is strong in Kampung Juara, so travellers better be prepared.
  3. There is no telephone in the rooms, so you need to walk down to the reception (which is really close from your room) to make a request.

3. Damai Tioman Resort(

Nestled in Kampung Genting, Damai Tioman Resorts is strategically close to a variety of shops that you can walk to them without breaking a sweat. Kampung Genting is full of locals and visitors, and comes alive at night. This resort offers a diving package since a PADI-certified centre is located right next to it, making Kampung Genting a hub for divers. On top of that, Damai Tioman Resort offers an affordable price that starts at MYR210 per night.

Damai Tioman resort

Good to know:

  1. Damai Tioman resort is basically a ‘budget’ resort, therefore it is suited for those wishing to spend less on accommodation and prefer to spend more time outdoors.
  2. Shops are accessible by foot. Since the resort has no telephone in the rooms, you need to go down to the reception counter to make a request.
  3. DTR offers interesting packages for guests to choose, including snorkelling, island hopping and more

4. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort(

If you wish on a private luxury stays, then head out to Tunamaya resorts, it is located at Kampung Mukut. They have their own private jet/speedboat for their customers. When I arrived at the resort, the staff gathered at the jetty and greeted everyone by singing the upbeat local folk song ‘Rasa Sayang’. This resort is breathtaking as it overlooks the turquoise sea! It also boasts a private beach for guests to enjoy and the rate starts at MYR400++, which I think is reasonable since it offers the much needed privacy that guests seek.

Good to know:

  1. Tunamaya’s rooms offer three different views so that customers can choose the view they prefer: beach, garden, or jungle/rainforest.
  2. Since it is a private place, it is not crowded; in fact, you barely see anyone except the staff.
  3. You can swim in the resort’s infinity pool that faces the beach. This is a highly recommended place for those who wish to go on a honeymoon.

5. Aman Tioman Beach resort(

Located at Kampung Paya, the prices of the rooms start at around MYR400++. This resort offers a unique experience because you’ll feel like you are staying in a resort right in the middle of a jungle due to the lush surrounding greenery. And most interestingly, you can swim in the pool where the water is sourced directly from the nearby mountain! The place is fully equipped and they even have their own shops, so you don’t have to go far to buy what you want. But when staying here, please be careful if you encounter harmless-looking-but-no-less-mischievous monkeys that could snatch your things away.

Good to know:

Aman Tioman offers three-day and two-night package, including breakfast and snorkelling for two persons at MYR300++ per person. Contact the resort at for more information.


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