Rumah Lenggong - Bagas Zakariah

Rumah Lenggong – Bagas Zakariah


6 Rustic Chic Places I am Heading to After MCO 3.0

Read on to find out on the six rustic chic places around Malaysia that you, especially heritage lover can visit for a staycation once MCO 3.0 are lifted!

Read on to find out on the six rustic chic places around Malaysia that you, especially heritage lover can visit for a staycation once MCO 3.0 are lifted!

To contain the spread of the more infectious strain of COVID-19, the Malaysian government is forced to impose the third round of Movement Control Order (MCO), which is currently on-going and expected to ease by late October 2021. While waiting for the COVID-19 storm to pass, why not start making plans on where you want to go once interstate travel is allowed (#travellater)?

Being a heritage-loving sybarite, the following are my list of places I am aiming to stay once interstate travel is possible in Malaysia: 

1. Kunang-Kunang Heritage Village

An array of comfortable and soothing beautiful villas overpouring with lavish traditional Malay heritage architecture and interior design, Kunang-Kunang Heritage Village possesses interiors replete with traditional furniture and home accessories that hark back to Malaysia’s past. Owned by the renowned Malaysian fashion designer Datuk Radzuan Radziwill, guests are set to experience a remarkably chic and memorable stay at this idyllic property. Remember to take the chance to dip into the property’s unique pool set in the middle of a lake within the property’s grounds while taking in its exclusive atmosphere.

2. Rumah Singgora

Rumah Singgora features three traditional Malay wooden homes (Rumah Melor, Rumah Kemboja and Rumah Melati) that are converted into homestay or venues for photo shoots. These homes epitomise Kelantanese architectural style influenced by the Langkasuka kingdom that once covered Kelantan and Terengganu, including the province of Pattani in Southern Thailand. The name ‘Singgora’ is derived from the houses’ roofs made from clay tiles called Singgora, which are rarely used these days but effective in insulating houses from heat brought about by direct sunlight. Besides showcasing Kelantanese architecture, Rumah Singgora also serves special local fare like nasi berlauknasi kerabu, boiled bananas, gulai siput sedut (a shellfish curry), belut paprika (an eel dish), ikan pekasam (fermented fis dish), kampung chicken and kerabu pucuk paku (fern salad).


3. Bagas Zakariah

Located within Lembah Kinta National Geopark is a 100-year-old enclave containing three traditional houses adapted for modern living set amidst a five-acre lush greenery with natural crystal-clear stream running through it. Bagas Zakariah is a sanctuary that professes ecologically sustainable living. The original owners, Encik Zakariah bin Malim Sulaiman and Puan Masiah binti Samit, moved to this area from Cukai in the 1920s to grow rubber and built an abode in Rumah Perak style, which is now named The Malay Traditional Yellow Planter’s House. The other two traditional-style houses are added in 2019.

4. Limas Tiga Puncak

Comprising several perfectly designed cosy villas that combine modern architecture with kampung style and enveloped by natural surroundings and tranquility, Limas Tiga Puncak is ideal for staycations, group retreats, family breaks, friends’ reunion and private functions. The villas are a 15-minute drive away from Melaka city centre or Banda Hilir, passing by stunning sceneries of rice fields and laidback local lifestyle before arriving at Umbai, one of Melaka’s popular spots for seafood dining.

5. Puncak Rimba 

Puncak Rimba is a luxurious self-service concept retreat nestled deep in one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. A private estate surrounded by lush green valleys, it offers an immersive experience away from the humdrum of urban bustle. The villas within this property are spread out throughout the grounds, and each of the villas is equipped with a kitchenette, therefore guests are encouraged to bring their own groceries, as long as they are halal. However, food can also be arranged by the property if guests prefer so. 

6. Warisan Pahlawan Resort

Established since 2009, Warisan Pahlawan Resort was founded by Tuan Ahmad Tuan Abdullah, a passionate 58-year-old antique collector cum excellent craftsman with a deep love towards all things classic. This heritage-style resort offers 39 rooms distributed among five separate houses, whereby each house is characterised by traditional wood carvings and furnishings such as intricate ukir tebuk carvings, singgora roof, and the tanggam and pasak technique (a series of interlocking joints to connect the woods). On top of these, the houses are made from chengal wood, known for its durability in terms of time and weather.


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