Bukit Keteri

Bukit Keteri is a small village in Perlis, Malaysia’s northernmost state. Photo: Pinterest


6 Top Attractions in Perlis that Travellers Should Check Out!

Perlis is Malaysia’s tiniest state, bordering Thailand on the north side of Peninsular Malaysia. Perlis is a tranquil state with friendly people, known for its limestone hills and superb seafood.

Perlis is Malaysia’s tiniest state, bordering Thailand on the north side of Peninsular Malaysia. Perlis is a tranquil state with friendly people, known for its limestone hills and superb seafood.


Perlis, also known as Perlis Indera Kayangan, is the smallest state in Malaysia in terms of both area and population. Located at Peninsular Malaysia’s northern west coast, it has a northern boundary with Thailand’s Satun and Songkhla provinces. Although Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, Perlis is replete with hidden gems that make it one of the must-visit tourist destinations. Check out these 6 top attractions when you are in Perlis!

1. Ladang Nipah Kipli

The restaurant is located, literally, in the nipah farm. Photo: Twitter @yehmasterr

Ladang Nipah Kipli is tucked away in the centre of a nipah palm plantation in Sanglang, near the Kedah border. Before you get all worked up about ‘palm plantation’, keep in mind that the nipah palm is a sugar palm. Not only can you drink the sap of nipah, which locals call nira nipah, you can also relax and unwind in the midst of the tranquil nipah farm that also comes with huts, swings and even dining tables because Ladang Nipah Kipli has stalls opened for visitors to enjoy nira nipah, laksa, air batu campur (shaved ice with sweet toppings), leng chee kang (syrup water served cold and filled with various pre-cooked ingredients like red dates, goji berry, Scaphium affine, longan, and white fungus) and more at reasonable prices.

2. Gua Kelam

Locals also used it to get from Kaki Bukit to Wang Kelian on a non-mountainous route. Photo: Twitter @MalaysiaAsia

Magnificent Gua Kelam (Cave of Darkness) is about a kilometre from Kaki Bukit, a small town in Arau near the Thailand border. Visitors to Gua Kelam today have the option of exploring one of the two caves: Gua Kelam 1, which has a 400-metre underground river; or Gua Kelam 2, which is above ground. Gua Kelam 1 was once used as a short cut access when people had to carry heavy materials from Gua Kelam 2. From the bridge entry to the park-like Secret Garden, Gua Kelam 2 features a 1.5-kilometre colourfully illuminated route into the cave.


3. Anjung Keli

Anjung Keli has a variety of delicious fish dishes that are sure to appeal to your appetite. Photo: Twitter @OhMyPerlis

This restaurant is well-known in the state of Perlis for its delectable traditional Malay cuisine, which is sure to whet your appetite. The ambience of this restaurant, which has a village and modern theme, is really appealing and draws customers back. It dishes out many varieties of dishes, including grilled options such as catfish, selar, pari, haruan, terubuk and more. Your visit to this restaurant will not disappoint. You will definitely be satisfied by the myriad of appetising dishes available at affordable prices.

4. Bukit Ayer Amenity Forest

In this amenity forest there is a river that is suitable for picnics and relaxing with the family. Photo: Instagram @adlybilly

The Bukit Ayer Amenity Forest is located 12 kilometres from Kangar city centre, which is the capital of Perlis. This recreational park is great for picnics and includes a camping area, parking facilities and other necessary conveniences. If you want to hike here you must first contact the forestry department at +6 04 976 5966 to identify where the well-defined pathways are located. Be sure to check out and take pictures of the waterfalls and pools because the waterfalls are Instagram-worthy!

5. Timah Tasoh Lake

Previously, the area was relatively remote and derelict with only the focus of anglers and the fishing community there. Photo: Instagram @savanahotelkualaperlis

The lake originally started from the confluence of two rivers – Timah and Tasoh – at the base of a valley where a village once stood but has now submerged after the whole area was turned into a dam. Who would have guessed that the site along the road to Padang Besar, against the backdrop of Cabang Hill and Nakawan Range bordering Thailand, might become a new tourist attraction in Perlis due to its captivating scenery.

6. Bukit Keteri

Bukit Keteri is a famous limestone hill in Perlis. Photo: Instagram @prettyhair.alya

If rock-climbing is something you enjoy, this is one of Perlis’ top attractions. This limestone karst formation resembles two towers standing side by side, surrounded by paddy fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. You will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the environs after reaching the pinnacle of what many consider to be one of Asia’s most difficult hills to climb, made even better during the sunset.

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