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How many of us had asked our girlfriend “Are you ok?” and was answered with the rolling of eyes and dismissive attitude? She was still angry but refuse to tell you why? It will do you no good if you keep pushing her for answers. The last thing you want to do is to agitate her even more. The answer? Take her to any of the cafés in the following list that can take you out of the heated situation and get her to confide in you.

1. Purradise Cat Café 

Your girl’s least favourite person right now might be you but no one can say no to playing with furry cats! All the cats at Purradise Cat Café have mischievous personalities that definitely turn her frown upside down. For MYR18 an hour, you get an hour with the cats with a smoothie of your choice. Some might think the price is a bit steep, but you are actually paying for the cats’ welfare and wellbeing since the feline are taken away from the streets. If your girlfriend happens to take a liking towards one of the cats, she could even adopt it! Don’t worry, she won’t enjoy the furry companionship more than she enjoys yours (fingers crossed!)

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

These furry companions will greet you at the cafe! Photo Source: Facebook Purradise Cat Cafe


2. Florist Café, Anther and Stigma

She would not stop giving me death glares! Oh, if looks could kill I’d be dead by now! How do I get on her good side?” We are sure that every man experiences this at least once in his lifetime. Worry not because a simple gesture will do the trick: give her flowers and food! Hop over to florist café cum event space, Anther and Stigma, which offers a mix of Asian-Western dishes and creamy desserts surrounded with gorgeous flowers. She is going to need refreshments after all the death-glaring she had been doing. Since the food here is described as ‘too pretty not to order’ by other diners, it might just elevate her mood!

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

The fresh and flowery ambience at the florist cafe. Photo Source: Facebook Anther and Stigma

3. Mykori, Dessert Café

Do you know why all your friends advise you to give your girl food first whenever her eyes are ablaze with anger? Because that advice works! Her stomach is actually growling for food – hangry (hungry + angry), if you will. Mykori is the perfect café to cool down your angry girlfriend because they serve premium shaved ice dessert, Kakigori. Couples who are on diet may opt for Kenko Kakigori (shaved ice, yoghurt or fresh milk, fruits and grains) to avoid feeling guilty the next day. The dessert café is undoubtedly one of the top shaved ice cafés since they have over 20 outlets nationwide in just two years and amazing customer reviews from social media.

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

Croissant Taiyaki and tasty shaved ice. Photo Source: Facebook: Mykori Dessert Cafe


4. Merchant’s Lane, Petaling Street

If you young couples can’t sleep at night after a fight, wipe the slate clean the next morning by having one of the most important meals of the day: breakfast! A cup of earl grey tea in the morning to go along with fresh sunny-side-up eggs and sausages will surely perk you up. Last night’s troubles fade away amidst the rustic charms of this café. Look out for the nondescript green door to enter the café when you stroll along Petaling Street because it is a bit hidden away, more like a hidden gem!

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

The rustic charms of Merchant Lane. Photo Source; Photo Source: Facebook Merchant’s Lane

5.Whimsical Artisinal Gelato

When you see her pupils dilate and nose flaring, immediately cool her down with refreshing Italian gelato at Whimsical Artisinal Gelato. This frozen wonderland with baby blue walls should calm her down because gelateria receives tons of great reviews! Curious diners can try out the various unique gelato such as nasi lemak ice cream, taufu fah ice cream, banana matcha, bacon gelato and the signature cotton candy affogato. With the cosy ambience, Instagram-worthy setting and bubbly waitresses, your girl should be in her best mood in no time!

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

The ever-soft Cotton Candy Affogato. Photo Source: Photo Source: Facebook Whimsical Artisanal Gelato

6. Yellow Brick RoadWicked Pancake Parlour

Now tell us, which girl doesn’t like pancakes? As soon as a new pancake café opens, it would be filled with female diners. Wicked Pancake Parlour is famous for its fusion flavoured pancakes, while Yellow Brick Road is renowned for its beverage and fine dining. Both cafes are owned by the same owners and they get long queues during weekends so be sure to come early. All pancakes are pillow-like and fluffy with savoury or sweet taste depending on your choice. Their signature dishes are ‘I Wanna Be Kaya’ French toast with caramel sauce and ‘Balik Kampung’ grilled chicken with turmeric rice.

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

Beautiful spread of dessert. Photo Source: Facebook Yellow Brick Road

7. VCR Café

As clichéd as it sounds, the key to every relationship is communication. So invite her for a cup of coffee in this bright and homely café for a good talk to smooth things out. The folks behind VCR café believe that coffee is the catalyst that brings people together. The story behind the name is that space was once a video cassette recorder (VCR) rental shop back in the 1980s. The café’s generous desserts are perfect for couples to share. The minimalist café gets crowded very quickly because many of the dishes are consistently good and become the reason why people keep coming. No wonder diners dubbed this café as a foolproof experience!

7 Cafes in Malaysia to Cheer Up your Sulking Girlfriend

The homey and bright interior. Photo Source:


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