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Selangor is a state that boasts endless shopping malls, huge theme parks and colourful gleaming lights like i-City. It’s exciting for sure, but should you and your family wish to break free from the noises and the crowds for a while, the following are some of the places that you should consider.

1. Selangor Fruit Valley 

Take a break from the chaos in the city and head to Selangor Fruit Valley where greenery and serenity await. Located only an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, this agricultural park invites travellers to engage in interactive learning and fun outdoor activities such as honey-tasting, animal-petting, rubber-tapping and even mountain-biking. Travellers can also learn to harvest vegetables and fruits, as well as shop for their favourite fresh produce to bring home.

2Eco Murai Rimba 

This is a resort with a row of quaint chalets in the middle of a quiet forest, making it ideal for nature lovers and those who seek peace. The soothing sound of water flowing from the nearby stream is the perfect lullaby on lazy nights. Active guests may opt to swim and catch fishes, or even show their grilling skills at the barbeque party!

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3. Farm in the City

Come and say hi to over 100 species of animals such as adorable raccoons and soft furry alpacas, where travellers not only can feed but also touch and play with them! This is a farm that is suitable for all ages. It is in Seri Kembangan and specifically-designed to resemble a Malay village. The entrance fee is MYR37 per adult (MyKad Holder) and MYR 30 per child (MyKid Holder).

4. Melawati Hill 

When a Bugis Prince, Raja Lumu, became the first Sultan of Selangor, he built a fort on a hill that now is known as Melawati Hill. There are a few attractions that visitors can visit on this hill, including the Historical Museum Kuala Selangor, the Altingsburg Lighthouse, the Royal Mausoleum and the Poisoned Well. Endangered Silvered Leaf Monkey can also be found roaming freely around the hill, and if travellers were to spend a moment at the top of the fortress built by Sultan Ibrahim of Selangor, they’ll be treated to a spectacular view of the Straits of Malacca.


5. Kampung Kuantan Fireflies  (+6 03 3289 1439)

Be amazed at the beauty of nature and magical fireflies that lighten up the peaceful village of Kampung Kuantan. The journey from Kuala Lumpur is about 45 minutes’ drive and the tour along the river on the boats to witness the fireflies begins after dusk, taking approximately 20 minutes. The rate for each ride is MYR50 per boat, which can accommodate up to four persons.

Kampung Kuantan Fireflies during ETW7

The fireflies puts on a spectacular show for the visitors as they flicker rhythmically.

6. Cholo Cholo Hot Springs & Restaurant

Approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, sits a serene sanctuary that comes with a restaurant, chalets, camp site and hot springs with a touch of Japanese flair and varying degrees of heat. This place also makes an ideal venue for team-building activities.

Cholo Cholo hot springs during the ETW7

Cholo Cholo offers a mor private hot spring experience as the pools caters limited number of visitors.

7. Kuan Wellness Eco Park

Have you ever wondered how bird nests are produced? Then why not feed your curiosity by visiting this centre where visitors may learn about bird nest production in its swiftlet house and laboratory amidst palm oil plantation and tropical fruit farm. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to buy bird’s nest at reasonable prices too since Kuan Wellness is one of the pioneers in producing high-quality bird nest products in Malaysia.

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