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Temerloh, Jerantut, and Kuala Lipis are major towns in the state of Pahang situated right in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia surrounded by mountains and rainforests. Just because these towns are not mentioned often due to their remote locations does not mean they are short of interesting things to offer. The following are the eight things that travellers can experience as they go through these towns.

1. Temerloh River Cruise

Temerloh River Cruise departs from Esplanade Temerloh, located on an estuary called Kuala Semantan. Typically, the cruise takes about 15 to 20 minutes of cruising along Pahang River, the longest river in Peninsular Malaysia. It terminates at the Patin (Silver CatFish) Cultivation Farm near Kampung Bangau Tanjung.
Contact: Jaz Holiday Services (+6 019 9050693)

2. Patin Cultivation Farm

Patin (silver catfish) earns the moniker as the salmon of Pahang due to its tender meat. Temerloh has always been the most popular destination for people who enjoy the taste of this river fish. It is headed by Mr Rushdi Ismail, who is the third generation of the family who owns this farm.
Contact: Jaz Holiday Services (+6 019 9050693)


3. Restoran Selera Patin Bangau

This is one of the famous restaurants in Temerloh offering local dishes, especially patin-based dishes. Even Malaysia’s current Queen, Her Majesty Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Sultan Iskandar, once savoured this restaurant’s mouth-watering dishes.

Must try: Patin tempoyak (silver catfish simmered in yellow curry with fermented durian), patin bakar sambal pedas (grilled silver catfish in spicy chilli paste) and baung masak singgang (river catfish in savoury broth).

Address: Jalan Kampung Baru, Kampung Bangau, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang
Contact: +6 013 9964100

4. Inakraf Wood Carving

Muhaimin Hasbollah has placed Inakraf in the eyes of the world, especially after receiving many accolades in the field of wood craftsmanship, including the Best Craftsmanship Award during the International Live Wood Carving Show and Competition 2012 in China. Inakraf helps to elevate the status of traditional Malay wood craftsmanship to world-class standards.

Address: Lot 511, Kampung Bangau Tanjung, 28020 Temerloh, Pahang
Contact: +6 09 2963480 / +6 019 6124923


5. Kampungstay Desa Murni

Although this was previously a homestay, it now offers a la kampung lodging, but infused with modern facilities like the swimming pool in the middle of the property. Kampungstay Desa Murni provides a hands-on demonstration on how to make pais patin tempoyak (the steamed version of silver catfish simmered in yellow graved mixed with fermented durian). The community also introduces guests to local delicacies such as kuih pena and dodol kukus with tahi minyak.

: Lot 1674, Jalan Homestay, Desa Murni Sanggang, 28020 Temerloh, Pahang
Contact: +6 012 553 4715

6. Homestay Kampung Labu

Homestay Kampung Labu is the gateway to Taman Negara in Kuala Tahan. Travellers opting for the scenic commute to Taman Negara can ride a boat from a jetty located on the riverbank of Tembeling River at Kampung Labu. This village has its own percussion instruments made mainly from materials sourced from the jungle. Kampung Labu is known for its own signature dish called gulai asam rong, a sour broth made from fermented Perah tree seeds. Since Perah tree can only be found in thick jungles, the villagers would often substitute it with rubber tree seeds. Gulai asam rong is typically prepared using Kenerak fish, which is another type of freshwater catfish native to Pahang River. Another Kampung Labu specialty is pincuk, a type of local spicy condiment that looks like salsa.

Address: Pejabat Penghulu Tembeling Tengah, Kampung Jong Berlabuh, Tembeling Tengah, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang
Contact: +6 013 3619789

7. Homestay Kuala Medang

Homestay Kuala Medang has received many awards for providing rich experiences such as rubber-tapping, bamboo-rafting, fishing, and cultural demonstrations including traditional games and cooking. Kuala Medang is home to special Malay dishes like nasi kebuli, gulai ayam asam rong, rendang hitam, lemang kemalai and sambal hitam, a special Pahang style spicy condiment that is black in colour due to the dehydrating process of the main ingredient, averrhoa bilimbi, a type of carambola, native to tropical Southeast Asia.

: Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Hulu Jelai, Kuala Medang, 27650 Sungai Koyan, Kuala Lipis, Pahang
Contact: +6 017 9478194

8. Dodol Gula Kabung Samsiah

Dodol gula kabung is a sweet toffee-like palm sugar-based confection made from coconut milk and rice flour. It is sticky, thick, and sweet. Samsiah DGK Enterprise produces and distributes one of the most recognisable dodol gula kabung that even Malaysian celebrities Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Aizat Amdan have visited the shop in Raub. Dodol gula kabung by Samsiah DGK Enterprise is also being marketed internationally.

Address: Samsiah DGK Enterprise, Lot 42, Kampung Padang Peri, Ulu Dong, 27600 Raub, Pahang
Contact: +6 019 9182380 / +6 019 9763380


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