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8 Staycation Spots in Perak that You Should Look Out For

Now, where is the best place to stay in Perak? Worry not, we have it sorted out. Check out our list of the eight best places for a staycation in Perak.

Now, where is the best place to stay in Perak? Worry not, we have it sorted out. Check out our list of the eight best places for a staycation in Perak.

Perak, sometimes known as the Land of Grace, is Peninsular Malaysia’s second largest state. Well known for its natural tropical beauty and rich heritage, Perak grew to prominence during the British colonial period due to tin mining and rubber plantations. Today, Perak is still an attractive state with vivacious people and amazing attractions like white sandy beaches, natural rainforest, and limestone caves dating back millions of years.

For a well-deserved a break, why not pack your bags and head to Perak’s top staycation spots as listed in the following? 

1. Hermitage Boutique House, Taiping

Photo: Facebook Hermitage Boutique House

The Hermitage Boutique House, which nestles within the tranquil Taiping Lake Gardens, makes for a quiet stay. Your staycation will be a peaceful one since the property is close to the foothills of Bukit Larut (also known as Maxwell Hill). With a variety of accommodation units available, you can turn your stay into a peaceful hideaway for quality family time.


2. Grand Kampar Hotel, Kampar

Photo: Facebook Grand Kampar Hotel

The Spanish-styled Grand Kampar Hotel in Kampar, Perak is a 155-room hotel that is close to eco-recreational activities like birdwatching, spelunking, trekking, fishing, abseiling, and even white-water rafting. Foodies enjoy staying here too since the property is near to various eateries serving local delicacies such as the town’s famous fish ball noodles and chicken biscuits.

3. Belum Rainforest Resort

Photo: Facebook Belum Rainforest Resort

Did you know that Belum Rainforest Resort actually sits on an island in Tasik Belum? It’s the kind of a getaway that invites you to sit back, relax, and forget about the pending work emails that you need to respond. Why open your laptop when you can feast your eyes on the 130-million-year-old rainforest? Belum Rainforest Resort also offers a variety of lodging options, ranging from houseboat to private villa. There are various activities available at this nature resort, including as nature walks, night trekking, hornbill-spotting, and tracing the famous Rafflesia flower.

4. Rick Resort, Teluk Intan

Photo: Facebook Rick Resort

Have you ever heard of a yurt? It is a circular-shaped structure covered in felt of animal skin commonly found in Central Asia, specifically Mongolia. Rick Resort has brought the charming, one-of-a-kind, and colourful experience of staying in a Mongolian yurt to Teluk Intan, the main town in Hilir Perak district. Those who want to savour the unique chance of spending the night in a yurt in Perak should come to Rick Resort, which we believe could be a romantic experience as well!

5. Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Photo: Facebook Sentosa Villa Resort

Sentosa Villa is about a five-minute drive from the Taiping Lake Gardens. Spend your days here wandering around the property’s grounds, taking a dip in the outdoor pool, or receiving a massage at the spa. You can even borrow the property’s bikes to pedal around the area or hike up Maxwell Hill, which is only two minutes’ drive away. At the nearby Adventure Park Larut, activities like ATV rides and horseback riding await. 

6. Ipoh Bali Hotel, Ipoh

Photo: Facebook Ipoh Bali Hotel

Do you miss the beautiful island of Bali? This lovely home in the centre of Ipoh provides guests with the feeling of being in Bali without having to leave Perak. The hotel’s decor is replete with Balinese accents characterised by natural wood, textiles, and furnishings. There is a rooftop patio where you can imbibe an evening cocktail while watching the sun sets over Ipoh. Yes, we know you’ll miss the beach, but simply bring your own music, concoct your own beverage, order delicious cuisine, and you’re all set for a lovely rest and relaxation!


7. Sementra Nature Resort, Gopeng

Photo: Facebook Sementrra Nature Resort

Sementra Nature Resort is located in the wooded area of Gopeng, which promises a peaceful stay. This nature resort comprises cabins for couples and families to spend the night in nature and home to the Rajah Brooke butterflies (named after James Brooke, the Rajah of Sarawak). When booking a stay, you can select one of three chalet types: Larva, Puupa, or Mekar. Couples are recommended to opt for the Larva chalet overlooking the lake, while small families can choose the Puupa cabin, which comes with three beds.

8. The Haven All Suite Resort

Photo: Facebook The Haven All Suites Resort

A weekend escape to The Haven All Suite Resort, Ipoh is a must, since the property is surrounded by gorgeous limestones, lush woodlands, and a glittering lake. Prepare to luxuriate in an all-inclusive opulent family break unlike any other at this stunning five-star luxury resort situated on a 280-million-year-old pristine rainforest. It is no surprise that all of the rooms are filled with neutral and earthen tones inspired by nature. As the name implies, this luxury resort is an all-suite establishment with a variety of suites catering to different types of travellers.

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