The Pahang River (Image credit: Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Temerloh)


8 Things Travellers Must Do in Temerloh

Explore exciting things to do in the central of Pahang!

Explore exciting things to do in the central of Pahang!


Located in central Pahang, the district of Temerloh is an interesting place to visit because it is rich with natural attraction and mouth-watering food. Temerloh includes the smaller towns like Mentakab, Kerdau, Kuala Krau and Lanchang. People with a deep interest towards nature are bound to love this district.

The following are the activities that are recommended for you when being in Temerloh:

1) Sungai Pahang River Cruise

River cruise in Sungai Pahang (Image credit: Zol M Flickr)

Cruise along the Pahang River to enjoy nature. There are boat services available at Esplanade Temerloh for visitors to rent. Each boat fits around seven to 10 people, therefore no problem accommodating groups of family or friends. You will get to cruise along the river for 15 to 20 minutes and ask the boat operator questions related to Temerloh or the river. You can even snap a memorable picture with the iconic signboard spelling out the word Temerloh in capital letters as background during the cruise.


2) Exploring the cave system at Gunung Senyum

Explore the stunning view in Gunung Senyum (Image credit: Holiday Go Go Go)

This limestone cave system, located near Jengka, features unique experience. It has several caves that are very accessible, and some require travellers to be accompanies by experienced cavers. Within this system, Gua Angin and Gua Makam Tok Long are the easiest to access, requiring just a short walk from the carpark. To arrive at the summit of Gunung Senyum, it takes around six hours of hiking. You can also go to Gunung Senyum Eco Park, which has facilities, chalets, and campsite. There is also a stunning lake located in the eco-park. Walking trail are prepared there for visitors to walkthrough and admire the numerous indigenous plants that thrive in the limestone-rich soil.

3) Learning about elephants at Kuala Gandah

Elephant in Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre (Image credit: KL Short Getaway Blogspot)

If you wanted to get up close and personal with elephants, Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre is the go-to place. Some of the activities you can do here are watching elephants being bathed and feeding them. Other than that, there is a deer sanctuary where a gang of deer roam freely in a forested setting, including other animals housed in enclosures for travellers’ educational observation such as ostrich, birds, reptiles, and monkeys.

4) Photograph Seladang at Felda Jenderak

Seladang at Felda Jenderak (Image credit: Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Temerloh)

As we know, the seladang or gaur is an endangered species nowadays. You need to grab this chance to visit the Seladang Rehabilitation Centre in Jenderak. This rehabilitation centre tames seladang that have been caught. This initiative is done to avoid the species’ extinction. Travellers are allowed to take a closer look at seladang by walking around the farm where all seladang are located. Some of themcan be touched by hand, and travellers do not have to feel worried about their safety because the farm is fenced using strong iron.

5) Drink coconut shake at Hogoh De Coco

Coconut Shake Milo (Image credit: Hogoh De Coco Facebook)

After a walk around the town of Temerloh, why not have a respite by having an ice-cold coconut shake? Hogoh De Coco provide more than a dozen flavours for its coconut shake. Coconut Ice Cream is one of its signatures; served inside a freshly opened pandan coconut, it comes with three scoops of coconut ice cream, strips of coconut flesh, jackfruit, and corn flakes. The portion of their coconut shake is huge and can be shared together with one or two more persons. Other options on the menu are Caramel Coffee, Oreo Cruncy, Choco Chip, D24 Durian Coconut Shake, and more. Don’t forget to try the crispy fried chicken, which is popular too and can be paired with the coconut shake.

6) Set foot at the Centre of the Malaysian Peninsula at Kampung Paya Siput

The Centre of Malaysian Peninsular monument (Image credit: Anak Pakcik Mail Blogspot)

Kampung Paya Siput is located at the geographic centre of Peninsular Malaysia. The point is marked by a monument set in a park with a man-made lake, making it a pleasant place for travellers to rest and take photos.


7) Enjoy farm produced ice cream at Amani Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream in Amani Vanilla (Image credit: Rileklah)

To taste the real vanilla, you should go to Amani Vanilla, which showcases dishes made from local farm-grown vanilla. Diners can admire the beans growing on the vines while enjoying delicious products like the refreshing vanilla ice cream. This rare vanilla farm was founded in 2008 by a former journalist Mohamad Norawi. Among the options worth trying are the freshly churned vanilla bean ice cream and the vanilla bean root beer float. The place also serves waffles and pastries topped with vanilla bean whipped cream.

8) Dine at a Patin Tempoyak restaurant around Temerloh

A bowl of Patin Tempoyak (Image credit: @asrin.band Instagram)

Patin or silver catfish is the highly prized freshwater fish that goes into several dishes like patin tempoyak. The essential ingredients for patin tempoyak is fresh silver catfish and fermented durian gravy. Since Temerloh is located close to the Pahang River, it is not strange that silver catfish can be found in abundance. There are several famous patin tempoyak restaurants in Temerloh such as Go’Bang Maju, Kancil Raja Patin, and Patin Bangau . Eating patin tempoyak together with hot, steamed rice in Temerloh is a memorable dining experience!


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