9 Local Food You Should Try in Perlis


9 Local Food You Should Try in Perlis

Take a look at some of the local food that are here in Perlis!

Take a look at some of the local food that are here in Perlis!


When we talk about Perlis, we often hear that it is rich in nature. On top of that, the state is also famous for its amazing and affordably priced of local food.  Let’s find out what you can savour when you travel to this smallest state in Malaysia

1) Mempelam Harum Manis

Mempelam Harum Manis
Mempelam Harum Manis in Perlis (Photo Credit: Pucheh 07 Blogspot)

This fruit is synonymous with Perlis. Mempelam harum manis is part of the mango family, the type with thicker, sweeter flesh and nice aroma. Due to its characteristics and seasonality, people are willing to buy this fruit even if the queue were unimaginable or the price increased. This fruit generally appears between April and June and can only be obtained in Perlis. Besides eating harum manis straight away, you can also make tasty juice from it.

2) Laksa Perlis

Laksa Perlis
Laksa Perlis (Photo Credit: Skampung Blogspot)

Laksa Perlis is different from other types of laksa. The gravy is more concentrated because its ingredients like mackerel, sardine, torch ginger and laksa leaf are blended together. Even the quantity of fish used in the gravy is more than the other laksa dishes in other states – you can clearly taste the fish in the laksa gravy. The gravy is clearer and not as reddish as Laksa Kedah.

3) Emping

Emping in Perlis (Photo Credit: Lily Rian Travelholic Blogspot)

This is a traditional food in Perlis. Emping is rice flakes made from young green grains of glutinous paddy separated from the husks using heating and pounding process. Emping is usually eaten with freshly grated coconut, sugar, and salt. Sometimes, emping is wrapped in banana leaf, giving it a nice scent. This is a rare Perlis treat that everybody should try, and emping is only available once a year, during monsoon season.

4) Pekasam Puyu

Pekasam Puyu
Pekasam Puyu (Photo Credit: MSH Berjaya Enterprise Blogspot)

Pekasam puyu is a saltwater fish dried in the sun then slathered in salt, and it is a popular dish in Perlis. The main ingredient of this traditional dish is puyu fish (climbing perch), asam jawa (tamarind), and salt. All these ingredients are marinated together with the fish for about four to eight weeks. The marinated fish is then fried with onion and lime being squeezed on it. This dish can stay good for about one to two months if the preparation were done correctly. Pekasam puyu is usually eaten with rice during lunch or dinner, which is mouthwatering.

5) Mentarang

Mentarang Bakar in Perlis (Photo Credit: Ernie Tomo Website)

Mentarang is a type of seafood that is popular in Perlis and can be bought from the local market in Perlis for MYR9 to MYR19 per kilogram. This creature only appears on muddy beaches between February and March, where it usually exists around 300 metres from the beach and live thirty to fifty centimetres under the mud. Mentarang can be cooked in many ways such as boiled, grilled, or cooked as masak lemak (coconut gravy dish). Since mentarang is not available in many places, those who are come to Perlis should try this dish.

6) Pulut Mempelam

Pulut Mempelam
Pulut Mempelam (Photo Credit: Resepi Bonda Website)

Pulut mempelam is a famous traditional mango dessert of Perlis. Pulut means sticky rice, while mempelam is the mango that comes together in one plate. The dish is basically a sticky glutinous rice, served with mango pieces and sweet coconut sauce. The usual mango type used for this dish is Harumanis due to its sweetness and distinct aroma, making this dish a perfect dessert.

7) Kuih Dangai

Kuih Dangai
Kuih Dangai (Photo Credit: Dari Dapur Website)

This is one of the famous traditional kuih in Perlis and in northern Malaysia. This kuih is sweet, delicious and has a strong flavour. The texture of this kuih is chewy and the basic ingredient is grated coconut. Other than its taste, the smell of the coconut from this kuih is tempting. Kuih dangai is usually cooked inside a brass or Loyang. This kuih come in many shapes; however, the ingredients remain the same.

8) Nasi Ulam

Nasi Ulam
Nasi Ulam in Perlis (Photo Credit: Xtra Website)

A healthy recipe for those who want to try a healthy traditional food, nasi ulam is a combination of rice with a few types of ulam (local salad)such as lemongrass, lengkuas, ginger, shallots, daggers, and certain types of leaf. This rice can be eaten with quintessential Malay dishes, including eaten sambal belacan (spicy condiment laced with dried shrimp paste), giving more character to the meal.

9) Pulut Ikan Kering

Pulut Ikan Kering
Pulut Ikan Kering (Photo Credit: Blog Makanan Di Perlis Blogspot)

This is a usual breakfast dish for the people in Perlis. It is also one of the famous dishes served during festivities. The main ingredient of this dish is glutinous rice, dried fish, and grated coconut. The grated coconut is mixed with salt, and then placed on top of the glutinous rice. You then mix that together with dried fish for a more distinct flavour. The type of dried fish used are ikan talang (doublespotted queenfish), ikan gelama (croaker), and ikan tamban (local herring).


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