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Like most travellers, I always want to enjoy the destination to the maximum, making sure every minute is well spent by visiting and experiencing as many attractions on my bucket list. It would be super nice if I can do something extra special like staying at a heritage building that is strategically located such as the accommodation I recently experienced on my trip to the historical city of Melaka, Casugria Boutique Residence (Casugria).

The name is actually a combination of the Portuguese words Casa Susegadu Alegria, which mean ‘House of Contentment and Happiness’. True to its name, this boutique guesthouse provides an authentic Malaccan experience and hospitality, given the fact that its owner and his family are living here as well. Thus, travellers can expect to learn not only about this heritage charm, but a brief history of Melaka and its vibrant communities. Furthermore, Casugria is merely 10 to 15 minutes away by car to Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An ode to dazzling heritage

Casugria Melaka

Casugria Melaka

The property’s emblematic main house, believed to be built in 1810, used to be belonged to an influential Dutchman, said to be the acting governor of Melaka around 1641 until 1824 when Melaka was under Dutch rule. Though it once belonged to a Dutch, the builder was a local man who evidently left his mark in the form of beautiful Malay carvings at the top of this building. European tiles, on the other hand, can still be seen on the floor, indicating its intimate and colourful past as proof of architectural assimilation that had been happening in Melaka throughout the ages.

While the main building is painted in striking yellow, this bed-and-breakfast only makes four rooms available that are categorised as Garden Chalet, Pool Chalet, Family Studio and Family Garden Chalet. The rooms come with free Wi-Fi connectivity, air-conditioner, hot shower, hair dryer, cable TV, parking space and daily breakfast.

Convenient and thoughtful

As guests step into this property, they are assured of being welcomed in a tranquil, homely setting despite being located right in middle of town. This heritage gem is surrounded by a verdant tropical garden with coconut trees and colourful flowers, which add more reasons for guests to fall in love with this private guesthouse even more. Besides, each room is mindfully furnished with high-quality soundproof doors so that guests can enjoy their much-earned respite indoors without being disturbed by outside noise. Security-wise, the property is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras.

Dining Pavilion

Dining Pavilion

One spot that tend to grow on guests is the open and airy Dining Pavilion that also doubles up as a Living Room where they can have breakfast and high tea. Snacks, tea and coffee sachets are also available at any time. This area is suited not just for relaxing but also socialising with your travelling companions or other guests, including the friendly owner Sam and his family members.

Guests are also allowed to bring your own ingredients and cook at the Dining Pavilion since gas stove and cutleries are provided. If you wish to grill and barbecue, the equipment can be arranged and refrigerator can be shared at no extra cost. Guests need to be mindful that the Dining Pavilion is a pork-free space to ensure other guests’ peace of mind when dining here.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Casugria also has a swimming pool that is non-chemical. To maintain the pool’s cleanliness and safety, salt is used as its sanitising agent instead.


Casugria is Melaka’s best kept secret that is remarkably memorable. This property best suits travellers who seek an accommodation that is beyond average and more authentically local-centric, making their experience in Melaka simply enriching and marvellous.

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