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What’s better than indulging oneself with fine cuisine complemented with a panoramic view of Tebrau Straits.

Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Bahru should not be novel to many, and for food enthusiasts – their restaurants such as Salt ‘n’ Pepper and Palm Bistro may not need further introduction.

With the recent release of Dining With A View promotion, the hotel elevated its dining experience with a touch of modernity and creativity. Led by newly appointed Director of Operations Mohan Raj, and under the supervision of over 18 years experienced Executive Chef Jamaluddin Sadikum (Chef Jamal) who oversees the whole kitchen team in the hotel, diners can expect a fresh culinary journey along with delicate flavours and stunning presentations. Each dish is created with a unique flair.


Presented as harmonised fusion of Western delights and Asian flavours, Dining With A View paves way to the introduction of an EAT WELL experience that showcases the chef’s culinary knowledge, coupled with the concept of affordable fine dining. With a strong will to offer guests a cultural journey that is value for money, Chef Jamal has combined elite traditional cooking philosophy of both Western and Asian cultures to present it on the guests’ table.

“Our intention is to get people to be reminded again of the true essence of dining. The acronym EAT summarises this intention – Experience, Appreciation & Taste: Experience great food, ambience and service; Appreciate each other’s company – family, friends, spouses, business acquaintances, through the love for food; and lastly, to Taste and savour great culinary offerings, which are very affordable in price range. We want to encourage the ethos of living well through simple act of dining, and Berjaya Waterfront Hotel is just the right place to be,” said Mohan Raj, Director of Operations.

The new Dining With A View presents signature offerings of Chef Jamal in a relaxing dining experience. The new menu offers a range of gourmet selection from appetizer, main course to dessert.

Stunning presentations from Chef Jamaluddin Bin Sadikum

Stunning presentations from Chef Jamaluddin Bin Sadikum

Diners’ culinary journey will embark on the most authentic yet innovative local flavour of Classic Highland Green, prepared and served with smoked chicken and Asian pickled vegetables, enjoyed by both locals and foreigners.


The highlight of the menu is Chef Jamal’s recommended Entrée which is the Oven Baked Lamb Rack. Served with mashed sweet potato, this succulent dish also comes with buttered vegetables, ginger flower and rosemary flavoured lamb juice. Chef Jamal’s passion for Western cuisine has flourished in a personal collection of innovative mixture of French, Italian and Spanish flavours in his balanced and harmonised recipes.

One of the mouthwatering menu of Dining With A View

One of the mouthwatering menu of Dining With A View- Oven Baked Lamb Rack.

Diners can also opt for Boneless Chicken Roll as their Entrée if they are not a big fan of lamb. This beautifully plated chicken is rolled with a trio-combo of spinach, mushrooms and cheese; served with sautéed vegetable and espresso coffee sauce on the side.

The sweet ending to the dining experience presents diners with the ever popular Chocolate Brownies, coupled with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

While enjoying the delights of this new dining experience, guests can relax to the soothing tunes of the music playing from the Palm Lounge next to the bistro. Elegant and relaxed, Palm Bistro is the place to be for great catch up amongst friends, families and business acquaintances.

Dining With A View is available daily at Palm Bistro from 6.30pm until 10.00pm, and reasonably priced at RM88.00 per person.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 07-2219999 or email


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