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The current issue that struck the country and the rest of the world has brought challenge to many, forcing people to stay home and isolate themselves. With some working from home, it becomes challenging at times to cook for all meals every day. Thankfully, we are at an advantage of having the power of the internet and technology, where people can purchase meals with just a tap of the finger! Below is a list of eateries in Selangor with takeaways and delivery services, to help you through during this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period.

Breakfast & Brunch

1)    Strangers at 47

Waking up in the morning and wondering what to eat? Well, that’s easy. Now, you can grab a delightful breakfast from Strangers at 47. Located in Petaling Jaya, this café offers an interesting set of menu consists of rice box, pasta box, roasted chicken and the signature savoury crepes that will totally satisfy you! Not to mention, there’s also a special menu for takeaways and delivery throughout the MCO period where you can just easily place your order by contacting them on WhatsApp! 



2) The Third Letter, Bukit Jelutong

When it comes to the best choices for brunch, The Third Letter totally fits the bill! They will never fail you with their signature specials that you can order which are the Beef Bacon Egg Carbonara, Belacan Seafood Olio and the extremely delicious TTL Lamb pasta! With their impressive service, this café is also providing delivery services as well as takeaways where you can just place your orders online. The café is situated opposite the Fire and Rescue Department Headquarters of the State of Selangor, so it is hard for you miss it!


3) The Foxhole Bakery Café, Subang Jaya

If you’re looking for a healthy brunch to fill your tummy, The Foxhole Bakery Café without any doubt, is the best! If you are on a healthy diet, you can try out their famous Gym Junkie Brekkie which is definitely low in carbs! You can also check other items on their menu which are available on their website. The most exciting part is that you can get a 15% off for takeaways! Isn’t that just amazing?


4) Hemma Cafe

Craving for a Western and Asian food for brunch? Try out Hemma Cafe that is located near the IDRISSI International School! Offering you their main breakfast menu called Breakfast Platter which consists of chicken ham, mushroom sausage served with mini croissants and scrumptious scramble eggs that will totally wake you up in the morning. Pair it with the café’s variety of choices of beverages too!



5) Fat Cat Café, Sunway GEO Avenue

Famous for its Japanese-Fusion Rice bowl and Stir Fry Ramen, Fat Cat Café is a great choice for brunch! Besides its relaxing and beautiful interior, their splendid tasting meals are also reasons why people come back for more. Not to mention, there is also a Jaya Grocer nearby, so get your groceries and meals at one go!



1) SevenLicious Café

Just from its name, you can guess that the food and drinks at SevenLicious Café are definitely delicious! You can grab your lunch from this café by trying out their specials of noodles, soups and many more! If you love Seafood, be sure to try their Udang Goreng Tepung or Udang Masak Pedas.


2) MyBurgerLab, Petaling Jaya

MyBurgerLab is what they call the Malaysian version of ShakeShack and In-N-Out! If you are new to the show, we would like to suggest that you try the Beautiful Mess or The In-N-Out Tribute. Due to the movement control order regulations, they have opened a pre-order site and also recently added a new item on the menu which is called the kaiju. Head to their page, order online and have your meals picked up!


3) Macaroni Food & Coffee, Klang

Designed with a vintage flair, not only provides you with a nice environment to eat, everything on the menu is just as great as it looks. There is a variety of choices of food like pizza, burger, macaroni and other meals on the menu that you can have for lunch. Kid’s menu is also available. So make sure that you don’t forget to stop by this restaurant for takeaways! 


4) Foodsbury

Haven’t had your lunch yet? Don’t know what to eat? Don’t worry, Foodsbury has exactly what you need! Try out their Spicy Tomyam Spaghetti with Shredded Chicken or Salmon Fillet for lunch. There is also a special menu since the MCO, so don’t miss that out! The café is located just near Concorde Hotel Shah Alam so you won’t have such a hard time finding it.


5) The View Café- Best Western I-City

Image by The View Café, Best Western I-City

Image by The View Café, Best Western I-City

Surrounded with the best view of the city, this café is located at the top floor of the I-City Shah Alam building. Besides offering you with a great view for gathering spots with your friends and family, this café has everything to offer when it comes to its food choices. You can have your lunch here by trying out the local delight like the Briyani set or even their western meals!  


Traditional food

 1) Pinggan Puteh

Pinggang Puteh is a combination of Insta-Worthy Café with the best serving traditional food in Shah Alam. Their must-try signature dishes are the Nasi Kenduri, Kuih Abuk-Abuk and Daging Tumbuk! However, do bear in mind that some meals are not available on the MCO menu, so keep yourselves updated by checking out on what they offer on Grabfood or Foodpanda apps! 


2) Willy Satay, Bangi

Looking for the best Satay in Bangi? Don’t miss out to try whatever is in the menu that Willy Satay has to offer. Here, the choices of satay you can order from is either chicken, beef or babat or intenstines, apart from other items on the menu like their famous Char Kuey Teaw and Kuey Teaw Goreng that you should try.


3) Gerobak Sate, Bukit Jelutong

It is impossible to miss out this famous Gerobak Sate from this list! Compared to Willy Satay, menu options at Gerobak Sate on the Grabfood app are limited as they only serve satays. Despite that, there are still a large number of crowd on a daily basis at their restaurant waiting to savour their juicy meat! Doesn’t that just tell you how good it is!


4) Kueh Café

Craving for the best Malaysian food but can’t go out due to the MCO? With delivery services like Foodpanda and Grabfood, you can now order anything that you want without having to leave the house! This is a chance for you to try out the special menu of Malaysian traditional food that Kueh Café has to offer which are its signature Nasi dagang, Nasi Lemak Ayam Rempah, Roti Jala and many more!


Coffee and dessert

1) Cake Jalan Tiung

We all need a little bit of sweetness in our lives, so take a bite and enjoy! This cafe offers unique flavoured cakes and a good range of coffee that will totally leave you wanting more! With these MCO regulations, Cake Jalan Tiung is providing you with a special menu that you can order from for takeaways and delivery services which are from whole cakes, cookies and also breads.


2) Bert’s

Let’s have a cheat day by trying out the famous Meringue Sundae Dessert from Bert’s Café! Giving you the best choice of coffee and desserts from the menu, you can order these items for takeaways or delivery. The environment of the café is also very relaxing where you can just go there with your friends or loved ones to hangout.


3) Bukku Café

Located in Klang, Bukku Café is the best spot where you can have a relaxing time on your own while having a cup of coffee. This café offers you the comfort of being at your own home. Serving its speciality Almond Tiramisu Cake and Burnt Cheesecake, this café is definitely worth the drive!


4) Wild Sheep Home, Petaling Jaya

Wild Sheep Home can be easily spotted as it is located near the market or Pasar Tani. Here, you can stop by the café and pick up their signature coffee and desserts! Also, don’t miss your chance and try the new special menu called Happy Pack where it includes free coffee and ice cream. Just so you know, the happy package is available throughout the MCO and pick up starts at 11am. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the happy pack now! 


5) Brew and Bread, Kota Kemuning

Brew and Bread Café has been in the industry for about 9 years! The café has won several awards which one of it is the Coffee World Cup Review. With signature dishes like Ayam pongteh, Hot bunny Crab Pasta and many more, plan your pick-up or deliver here! Don’t forget to order their tasty coffee and desserts as well!


Due to the current movement control order, many people are having a hard time in finding eateries with delivery services and takeaways. Therefore, the lists above are some of the places that you can consider. Ranging from breakfast, lunch, traditional to coffees and desserts menu, hopefully this list will help you through the weeks to come.

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