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Dominated by over 2,000 small and independent coffee roasters, Melbourne no doubt is leading the global charge in specialty coffee. But it’s roughly 3,954 miles away from Kuala Lumpur – that’s quite a distance for a good cup of coffee! Fortunately today, Malaysians can now spare the travel time should they want to enjoy Melbourne’s finest coffee beans, and buy them online at instead! is an online platform where coffee lovers can shop the world’s best coffee brands at one place. Launching exclusively with only top Melbourne cafes, it will be retailing a wide variety of beans ranging from the signature blends that put these cafes on the specialty coffee map, as well as a constantly evolving selection of single origin beans sourced from select coffee farms across the world. The full list of of cafes on are:

  1. Auction Rooms
  2. Clement Coffee
  3. Code Black Coffee
  4. Dukes Coffee
  5. Industry Beans
  6. Market Lane
  7. Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird
  8. Padre Coffee
  9. Seven Seeds
  10. ST.Ali
  11. The Vertue of the Coffee Drink
  12. Wide Open Road
  13. Ona Coffee (from Canberra) – World Barista Champion 2015, Sasa Sestic’s own specialty coffee


Also, this e-commerce prides itself in harnessing technology to offer coffee lovers the “perfect cup of coffee”; whatever the brew type they prefer, with coffee beans roasted for both espresso and filter preparation methods. Its roast-to-order system, on the other hand, gets the cafe merchants notified of orders immediately; ensuring customers receive freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to their doorsteps. will be partnering with Tourism Victoria, to promote and share Melbourne’s distinct coffee culture in Malaysia.

“Coffee is at heart of Melbourne city. We are proud to collaborate with in bringing the city’s favourite drink  to Malaysia, and showcase one of the best parts of the diverse Melbourne food experience” says Celia Ho, Tourism Victoria’s Regional Manager – South and South East Asia.

Coffee lovers in Malaysia can start ordering their favourite beans on from October 28, 2016, onwards.



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