Issue 15.1 – Where Do We Go From Here?

While Malaysia hopes to fully end the MCO by June, many parts of the world might still be reeling until December. As such, 2020 could just be a lost year. Let’s pray that 2021 will treat us better…

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Issue 8.1 – Let’s Travel in 2013

2013 is thought to be challenging as the effects of recession in the US and Europe will be felt in Asia. However, in the current news, it is predicted that the economies within the Asian region will still remain resilient, albeit going on a slower pace compared to 2012.

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Issue 7.6 – Terengganu’s Enduring Heritage

This issue we feature the highly tasteful close up images of Terengganu craftsmanship on the cover, which are adapted from the cover of the recently launched ExxonMobil Subsidiaries in Malaysia Calendar 2013.

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Issue 7.4 – Langkawi Revisited

Kembara Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Langkawi is back again this year, bringing updates on the latest happenings on this enchanting island, made evident through many new developments and improvements on its tourism products. This year, Gaya Travel Magazine again collaborated with Tourism Malaysia, including Langkawi Development Authority, Firefly, Starbucks Coffee Malaysia and Yeo’s in bringing the KCC1M participants to Langkawi to explore and experience the mystical island’s latest offerings.

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Issue 7.3 – Echanting Mak Yong – Recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO

Delve into the enchanting art, through the move of the dances and actions, vocal and instrumental music, narrations and dialogues; often interpreted as symbolic and mystical. Recognized by UNESCO since 2005, get into the details of this mesmerizing art heritage of Mak Yong.

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Issue 7.2 – Putrajaya – Malaysia’s Administrative Centre

Putrajaya has always been the business destination for almost all tourists who come here since this is the country’s centre of administration.

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Issue 7.1 – An Architecture of A Lost Kingdom – Terrapuri

As Gaya Travel team entered Terrapuri, we felt we were being magically transported back to the times of Langkasuka, an ancient Malay kingdom based in Pattani (now part of Thailand) that stretched down to Terengganu at the south and Kedah on the west.

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Issue 6.5 – Puan Sri Sharifah Sabrina Syed Akil

Though the idea of going back to nature may bring about thoughts of discomfort to fellow city slickers, they need not worry too much when they head towards Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya – the only thing that they need to rough it out is the journey to get to the resort from the outside road, whereby guests need to endure their 4×4 vehicle having to constantly negotiate with the uneven terrain.

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Issue 6.4 – Mixing Business with Pleasure at Palm Garden Hotel


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Issue 6.3 – An Iconic Project By Sepang Goldcoast

Find out more on our experiences travelling to Negeri Sembilan, Korea, Paris, Tioman, Ipoh, Kelantan and Sibu. Also, we have a special article by our Gaya Traveller writer sharing her experiences visiting Agra and Jaipur in India.

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Issue 6.1 – Exploring New Delhi with Gaya Travellers

The Taj Mahal literally took our breath away as we set our eyes upon it. It was a surreal experience for us, having seen countless photos and on-screen images of the world-famous monument. Indeed, Gaya Travellers have arrived.It was crowded.

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Issue 5.6 – Quintessential London

London, United Kingdom has always appealed to a large number of Malaysian population as one of the destinations that they love to visit since it has always been considered as the centre of the world since the days of the British Empire.