Saudi Arabia

Discover Saudi: Your Ticket to Adventure, Luxury, Heritage and Culture!

Streamlined procedures, diverse experiences, and improved air connectivity, Saudi Arabia is poised to become a top travel destination for Malaysians and global explorers alike.

Ghār Thawr, Ghār Hira.

Streamlined procedures, diverse experiences, and improved air connectivity, Saudi Arabia is poised to become a top travel destination for Malaysians and global explorers alike.

Calling all Malaysian adventurers, history enthusiasts, and sun lovers! Dive into an unforgettable journey with the Saudi Tourism Authority and discover a captivating year-round destination. Explore beyond the spiritual hub Saudi is known for and uncover hidden gems: thrilling adventures, luxurious desert escapes, and a rich cultural tapestry. Join us as we unveil the diverse experiences waiting for you in this fascinating land.

Dive into Rich Cultural Heritage Beyond Spiritual Journeys: 

Mada'in Saleh, Saudi.
Mada’in Saleh.

Luxury in the Sands-Desert Escapes Like No Other:

Nofa Wildlife Park, Saudi.
Nofa Wildlife Park.

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures: 

Rub' al Khali desert, Saudi.
Rub’ al Khali desert, Saudi.

Tailored Travel Solutions:

Camel caravan in the Arabian desert, Saudi.
Camel caravan in the Arabian desert.

Saudi ensures seamless travel experiences for Malaysians with flexible visa schemes, including options for Umrah, removal of male guardianship for female visitors, and specialized Umrah+ packages, catering to every traveller’s needs.

Flexible Visa Schemes:

Umrah? Check! Sightseeing adventure? Check! Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or a cultural exploration, Saudi Arabia has got you covered with flexible visa options tailored to each traveller’s needs.

Solo Female Adventures:

Al-Ula UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Al-Ula UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Female solo travellers will find Saudi a welcoming haven for exploration and well-being.  Since the removal of male guardianship requirements, independent women can enjoy greater freedom and confidence as they explore the country’s rich culture, attractions, and stunning landscapes.

Diverse settings, from untouched islands to majestic mountains, provide the perfect backdrop for activities like yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and more. Whether you seek introspection in serene landscapes or connection with other travellers through shared wellness experiences, Saudi offers exceptional opportunities for both adventure and self-discovery.

Reinforcing this safety aspect, a study by InsureMyTrip even highlights Medina in Saudi Arabia as the safest city for solo female travellers, scoring a perfect 10 in both “safety walking alone at night” and “absence of worry about attacks based on gender.”

Umrah+ Packages:

Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi.
Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Specialized Umrah+ packages provide comprehensive travel solutions that cater to every aspect of the pilgrimage experience. From accommodation and transportation to guided tours and religious services, these packages offer convenience and peace of mind, allowing Malaysian travellers to focus on their spiritual journey without any logistical worries.

Cultural Festival:

Riyadh festival.
Riyadh festival.

Saudi is throwing a year-round party, and you are invited! Riyadh Season is your chance to witness a city-wide extravaganza, featuring live concerts, theatrical performances, and culinary delights that showcase the best of Saudi entertainment and hospitality. Other notable festivals include the Jeddah Season, the Al Janadriyah Festival celebrating Saudi heritage, and the Taif Season, known for its colourful flower festival.

Regenerative Tourism at The Red Sea:

Calling all nature lovers! Embrace regenerative tourism with a transformative journey to The Red Sea destination. Spanning a vast expanse of pristine waters, untouched islands, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life like spinner dolphins, dugongs, turtles, mantas, and sharks, The Red Sea offers an oasis of natural beauty waiting to be explored. Experience awe-inspiring landscapes while contributing to the preservation and sustainable development of this precious ecosystem.

Untouched Islands:

The Red Sea's untouched island (Farasan Islands), Saudi.
The Red Sea’s untouched island (Farasan Islands).

Discover the untouched beauty of the Farasan Islands, a captivating archipelago in the Red Sea. Lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife, including Ospreys and soaring Pink-Backed Pelicans, create a sanctuary for nature lovers. Explore hidden coves, hike scenic trails, and unwind in secluded retreats, embracing the serenity of these remote island paradises.

Vibrant Coral Reefs:

The Red Sea, surrounded by the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef system, unfolds as a 28,000-square-kilometer paradise. This vibrant region boasts pristine beaches, 90 untouched islands, dormant volcanoes, sweeping desert dunes, and historical sites. Dive into the heart of its vibrant underwater world, where coral reefs teem with colourful fish, majestic sea turtles, and awe-inspiring marine life, offering a breathtaking experience for snorkelers and divers alike.

Historical Wonders:

A group of paragliders descending towards the ground

Uncover the historical treasures of the Red Sea, from ancient ports and fortresses to underwater remnants like the “Cable Wreck” off Abu Tair Island. This sunken Greek ship, once carrying cables and beams, now peacefully shares its watery realm with whitetip sharks, goatfish, and blue-spotted rays, a testament to the Red Sea’s diverse ecosystem and rich maritime history.

Experience the beauty of nature at The Red Sea destination while playing a vital role in its preservation and sustainable development. By practising responsible tourism and supporting initiatives that promote conservation and community engagement, you can help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of this remarkable ecosystem.

Embark on a journey like no other this summer, as Saudi welcomes all Malaysian travellers to uncover the treasures of its rich heritage and vibrant culture. From spiritual enlightenment to thrilling adventures, there’s always something for everyone in Saudi.

Visiting Saudi Arabia has never been easier! Their new tourist visa program welcomes visitors with open arms, offering a variety of options to simplify your arrival:

Beyond the visa options, Saudi Arabia boasts strong connections with Malaysia. Three airlines, including Malaysia Airlines and Saudia, offer a combined capacity of over 740,000 seats, making travel from Malaysia a breeze. With these streamlined procedures, diverse experiences, and improved air connectivity, Saudi Arabia is poised to become a top travel destination for Malaysians and global explorers alike.

To learn more and plan your Saudi adventure, visit and unlock a world of possibilities!

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