From 16 until 18 December 2015, Putrajaya Corporation collaborated with Gaya Travel Magazine to promote Putrajaya’s culinary offerings through a media familiarisation programme called Eat.Travel.Write Putrajaya Food Trail 2015. A group of 40 persons comprising food lovers, bloggers and media friends participated in the fun-filled three-day and two-night programme, which included tasks that we had to conduct in the form of games, treasure hunt and photo competitions at various venues. Want to explore Putrajaya through your tummy? Then read these pages to find out where you can go and what you can eat when being in the city…


Hunt & Eat at Putrajaya Sentral


One of the programme participants photographing his hearty breakfast that he bought for only RM10 at Putrajaya Sentral.

To create awareness on what travellers can eat when arriving at Putrajaya Sentral (the city’s transport hub), each of the programme participants was given RM10 to hunt for and spend on food around Putrajaya Sentral for a task called #EatTravelWriteBreakfast! Some managed to get themselves colourful doughnuts, a plate of noodles, including a complete set of rice and dishes simply by utilising the cash sponsored by Putrajaya Corporation. The task also required the participants to viral the location and details, including uploading creative images of the food onto their social networks. In Putrajaya Sentral, RM10 is enough satiate our hunger pangs.

Putrajaya Sentral, Putrajaya
2.9313864, 101.6676393


Cook & Adorn Food at Putrajaya International Convention Centre


Decorated individually, roti jala can be creatively served with vanilla and jam.

Little did we know that roti jala (string cooked flour) can be eaten with vanilla and fruit jams – most of us who grew up with roti jala have been taught that the dish is mainly to be taken with curry. Participants were asked to decorate a small plate of roti jala with colourful gravy in the most artistic presentation. Whilst some were busy decorating the roti jala, others were taken to task in cooking savoury fresh shells for lunch! The demonstration was done at the centre’s restaurant on the patio that offers the lovely view of the Putrajaya Boulevard.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya
2.895, 101.676667


Pick & Taste at Precinct 9 and Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya Food Courts


Originated in Johor, foodies now can savour the delicious kacang pool in Putrajaya.

Our food trail continued at the Precinct 9 Food Court for the #EatTravelWriteDinner tasks. The challenge was for us to post one short video about the stall available at the food courts, including the food, onto the participants’ own social media channels. The food court boasts 15 stalls selling local and Western dishes, including traditional comfort snacks and dessert such as keropok lekor (fish fritters), kacang pool (bread with egg and gravy) and more! I found myself some delicious asam laksa (white noodles made from rice flour immersed in thick gravy that uses tamarind as its base that gives sour, spicy taste), complemented with refreshing apple juice.

Food Court Precinct 9, Putrajaya
2.9382633, 101.7088101

Raw cocoa pod with beans that can be witnessed at Taman Warisan.

The next day, we completed our #EatTravelWriteLunch task at the Taman Warisan Pertanian (Agriculture Heritage Park) Food Court at Precinct 16. At Taman Warisan Pertanian, besides indulging on delicious myriad of food, we also managed to walk around the fruit orchards within the park for 45 minutes and tasted the various kinds of fruit grown there such as rambutan, blueberries and other local fruits, all washed down with fresh coconut drink at the end of the walk. After the walk, the participants were given an hour to find food and dine at Taman Warisan Pertanian’s food court called ‘Penanggah’.

Penanggah, Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya
2.9272054, 101.697811317


Cruise & Dine


@tiffinayan brings back the tiffin carrier culture through a multitude of vibrant colours.

Cruising is one of the must-do activities when being in Putrajaya, so we managed to cruise around the lake in quaint small picnic boats, each accommodating between six and eight persons and piloted by the participants themselves. While we are on those boats, we enjoyed nasi lemak and traditional kuih such as colourful apam (spongy muffins), curry puffs and layered cakes, all contained in multi-coloured and contemporary tiffin carriers sponsored by @tiffinayan. We also had to complete a task by taking interesting flat lay images of our food and the tiffin carriers on the picnic boats! The experience truly honed the participants’ skill in taking the images of food in creative ways.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, Putrajaya
2.9471289, 101.75173899


Make & Feast


Only Mee offers live demonstration of their five famous noodle, served fresh.

Besides savouring rice, kuih, and sumptuous local dishes, we also had the chance of getting acquainted with various types of delicious noodles and gravies when we visited Only Mee, the restaurant that mainly sells noodles that are made fresh in-house to ensure quality. Diners who come to the place might be able to catch the staff beating and stretching out the different kinds of noodles or when they make them using press machines. After witnessing the presentation, the programme participants then served feted on the mouth-watering array of noodles spread out in a sumptuous buffet. Only Mee’s noodles are definitely to go for, especially those who want to take a break from eating rice.

Marina Putrajaya, Putrajaya
2.9019458, 101.6686061


Search & Spread


Golden cekodok fritters that can be found at Pasar Tani in Precinct 2, Putrajaya.

Speaking of morning markets in Malaysia, Putrajaya’s Pasar Tani in Precinct 2 is a local gastronomic haven. Here, the participants were asked to find the local delicacy called cekodok (round fritter snack made from banana and flour). The task brought the participants to a stall famous for its cekodok that comes in 11 flavours. The lady who sell the cekodok whipped up amazing golden balls of cekodok in various flavours like banana, yam, onion, anchovy and sugar-laden. One can never walk out of that stall empty-handed, therefore all of us came back with bags full of cekodok.

Pasar Tani Precinct 2, Putrajaya
2.9237122, 101.6834146


A Well-Fed Traveller is a Happy Traveller


Participants enjoying the Putrajaya Food Trail 2016 down to the last bite.

The Eat.Travel.Write Putrajaya Food Trail 2015 programme made us all gain weight, no doubt, but the entire experience was fulfilling, enriching and made us happy at the same time. Hunting down delicious food in Putrajaya was a memorable affair that we hope to repeat. Besides lakes and well thought public facilities in place, Putrajaya proved to us that it is a gastronomic haven as well. Of course, the three-day and two-night trail was not enough, so we look forward to discover more new places in Putrajaya in the near future.

Thank you Putrajaya Corporation for coming up with this great programme!

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