Experiencing Gua Musang, Kelantan

Traveling by train is a very enjoyable experience. The train to Kelantan which takes about 12 hours will give you an experience that you will never forget.

Gua Musang stop.

Traveling by train is a very enjoyable experience. The train to Kelantan which takes about 12 hours will give you an experience that you will never forget.


Let’s be real: when people talk about vacationing in Kelantan, in most cases they might refer to Kota Bharu for dining and Rantau Abang for shopping. However, it turns out there is more to Kelantan than just dining and shopping.

My travelling companion and I participated in the trip to Gua Musang organised by Tourism Malaysia East Coast Region Office by taking the 12-hour sleeper train ride to Gua Musang from the old Kuala Lumpur train station.

Read on to find out what to experience in Gua Musang for three days and three nights, and may this inspire you to take a trip to Gua Musang soon!


11.00 PM: Depart from Kuala Lumpur Train Station

11.30 PM: Discover what’s intriguing on the sleeper train during the 12-hour journey

Did you know that the train ticket you receive if you were to take this sleeper train is the same train ticket that was issued back in the 1970s and reprinted without any change of pattern or design to keep the Malayan railway nostalgia?

This sleeper train features eight coaches equipped with amenities to ensure that customers remain comfortable during the journey. Aside from carriages for resting and sleeping, there are also chillax carriages for unwinding and praying, including charging your smartphones. There is even an event carriage where you can take part in karaoke!

In the sleeping carriages, there are upper and lower berths. Here’s a tip: the lower berth has better view of the outside because it comes with larger window. To secure the lower berths, be sure to purchase the berths are even-numbered (odd-numbered ones refer to the upper berths)!


7.30AM: Breakfast in the cafe carriage

Photo: Hasif Hamsyari/Hady Armeen

Don’t worry if there were too many people at the cafe. You can opt for takeaway and instead bring your food to the chillax carriage, sit cross-legged on the carpeting that looks like grass and catch the passing view while eating!

10.00 AM: Arrive at Gua Musang station

The train arrives at Gua Musang station at 10:00 a.m. Since this is a popular station, you are recommended to go down to take pictures with the view of the Gua Musang limestone hills. However, to capture a stunning image, you need to patiently wait for other passengers to finish taking photos as well.

For your information, Gua Musang Station is not the train’s final stop; the last station along the line is Wakaf Bharu. But make sure you actually disembark at Gua Musang if you are meant to stop at that station – no need to go all the wat to Wakaf Bharu.

1.00 PM: Durian Hill Villa

Durian Hill Villa Homestay is located near Durian Hill and nestles within a residential estate. You are bound to be delighted when entering the living room at Durian Hill Villa Homestay due to its smart and efficient layout. The homestay also introduces to its guests hiking activities, especially catching sunrise!

3.00 PM: Lunch at Warung Buluh

This restaurant is called Warung Buluh because it is made from bamboo. It offers a selection of comforting hot dishes and variety of local fare. During lunch, be sure to try out the restaurant’s fantastic tomyam, sweet and sour sea bass!

5.00 PM: Teatime at Hana Coffee Station

This coffee shop serves up numerous choices of coffee-based beverages to satisfy your caffeine cravings, including yummy desserts. Whenever you come to Gua Musang, remember to unwind at Hana Coffee Station.

8.00PM: Dinner at Warung Muse

Photo: Hasif Hamsyari/Hady Armeen

For dinner, head to Warung Muse, which is located next to Bukit Gua Musang and Masjid Buluh. While dining, you can appreciate the nice view of Bukit Gua Musang illuminated by spotlights from the base.

9.00 PM: Masjid Buluh.

Masjid Buluh is the attractive mosque located next to the Warung Muse. Built in 2016, this is Kelantan’s first mosque ever to be made from high-quality bamboo!

9.30PM: Magnificent Masjid Tengku Razaleigh

Besides the bamboo mosque, another magnificent mosque to be visited at night is the Tengku Razaleigh Mosque. Taking inspiration from the Makkah Grand Mosque, its architecture is stunning. This mosque is beautifully lit at night, enhancing its beauty. At the centre of the mosque is a replica of the Kaaba made up of blocks of light-emitting diode (LED). When visiting this mosque, you might feel as like being at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.


6.20AM: Getting ready to see the Sunrise at Durian Hill.

To witness sunrise on Durian Hill, you need to get up early because you have to climb to the top Durian Hill. Though not a tough route for hiking, it does challenge your stamina. But when you see the sunrise and the breathtaking sight of the dense cloud, all of your exhaustion will melt away.

8.30AM: Breakfast at Roti Canai Pok Wa

After the climb, stop by for breakfast at Kedai Roti Canai Pok Wa. The popular dishes for breakfast here are nasi berlauk ala kampung and Roti Canai Telur Sarang. Pok Wa has been making roti canai  (Indian flatbread) for 30 years, making him an expert in serving the best roti canai in town.

10.00 AM: Via Ferrata and Flying Fox at Muse Ecopark

When being in Gua Musang, Kelantan, your trip there would not be complete if you were to miss the activities like climbing on the Via Ferrata and whizzing down the Flying Fox at Muse Ecopark, which is near to Warung Muse. All visitors to Muse Ecopark will be assisted by certified guides, beginning with Via Ferrata activities, and ending them by taking the Flying Fox. To enjoy riding the Flying Fox, be sure to scream as loudly as you possible when you zip down!

2.30PM: Lunch at Restaurant Dalam Taman D’Tasik

As you step into this distinctive restaurant, you are bound to be blown away by its décor because it uses second-hand items. Combined with a dining space that allows you to sit cross-legged, this restaurant gives the impression of eating in a traditional village. Since the restaurant is adjacent to Gua Musang Lake, you can eat your lunch as you take in the breeze from the lake.

5.00 PM: Playing Golf at Kelab Golf & Rekreasi Gua Musang

Photo: Hasif Hamsyari/Hady Armeen

You are also recommended to try your hand at golf at the Gua Musang Golf and Recreation Club. Don’t worry if this is your first time playing golf; just swing away and learn to hit the ball hard! You might find those golf swings therapeutic as they can help to destress.

11.00PM: Depart back to Kuala Lumpur


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