By Shahida Sakeri on April 10, 2017


Owlery Cafe Dine & Grind could just be your next ideal place to bring your family.

Established since May 2016, this family-friendly dining establishment has been attracting a steady stream of young families and large dinner parties due to its generous portion sizes and relatively affordable prices. And that’s just the way Mr. Shah Fariz, one of the co-owners of Owlery Cafe Dine & Grind, likes it.

Rather than attempting to replicate a hipster-ish dining, the ambience here strives to strengthen bonds and spur conversations by providing comfortable seating with a designated area for children to play. At Owlery Café Dine & Grind, parents can actually enjoy the experience of dining without having to constantly worry about their little ones and entertaining them while waiting for food. The design is simple, with paintings of the eponymous owl adorning the space and concept inspired by one of the co-owners’ fondness towards birds, besides signalling to patrons that the establishment also welcomes those who stay up late.

“We revise the menu every three months to suit local taste buds and keep it interesting,” Mr. Shah told me on one fine evening. Boy, he was right: the menu is nothing short of fascinating because Mr. Shah himself is particular about using fresh, local produce for the dishes featured in the menu.

It took Gaya Travel team a good five minutes contemplating on what to order since the menu comprises an array of outstanding dishes featuring Asian, Western and Italian cuisines. We finally decided to just settle for their signature dishes, all looking fresh and delicious on the images – when they arrived, the dishes looked similar as to what we expected.

As a starter, we had the crispy yet spicy deep fried BBQ Chicken Wings (MYR18) made with great enthusiasm: a serious crisp batter and a drenching of the house-special BBQ caramel glaze.

Our dining experience continued with the Asian Lamb Penne (MYR20), which won us over. The penne is prepared in Italian style, but the spicy sauce is decidedly Asian with heavenly lamb shreds that melt in your mouth while its decadent twist of flavours hitting every note that you could possibly imagine – an appealingly harmonious creation. I’ll definitely come back to Owlery Café Dine & Grind again for this dish because it is simply innovative and delectable.

Just when we though that nothing could top the penne, we were served with the perfectly cooked Aussie Rib Eye Steak (MYR38), which is flavourful on its own that it doesn’t need anything more than salt and coarse black pepper. The meat is cooked to perfection, resulting in springy but firm steak with buttery moistness in the middle. Once the steak is rightly paired with the house-special black pepper sauce, it becomes ‘a trip to heaven’. It is worth noting that the rib eye is best when cooked medium-rare as it gives all that lovely fat an opportunity to render out, making it rich with flavour. The side dishes – a scoop of mashed potato, corn on cob and fresh salad – are excellent, too.

On top of that, Owlery Cafe Dine & Grind serves a beverage list that is almost worth a trip all by itself, ranging from zesty mocktails, teas (flavoured and non-flavoured), chocolates, coffees to creamy smoothies. But since our tummies were already full with good food, we went for the sinful-but-not-too-sweet Solero Smoothie (MYR14) to share, which is a perfect chill-you-down drink on a scorching hot day! I then learned that Owlery Café Dine & Grind originally started out as a business selling smoothies, hence its expertise in making the concoctions. But for a stronger kick, I suggest that diners try one of the extensive aromatic medium roast coffees available here that use an artful combination of African, Brazilian and Sumatran beans.

The service at Owlery Cafe Dine & Grind is attentive and friendly. The team of staff manages to juggle between informing diners on the menu and ensuring that dishes arrived hot to clearing the tables in a timely manner. But this is not exactly the place for a quiet romantic evening for two. Instead, this is the kind of place where you come to eat good food, enjoy drinks, share laughter and have a good time (yes, with children in tow).

Owlery Cafe Dine & Grind opens on Tuesdays till Sundays, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The cafe is currently having special lunch sets at RM15.90 (excluding 6% GST + 4% service charge) from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


G-6 Jalan Dagang B/3A
Taman Dagang Avenue
55100 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
T: +6 03 4287 9639
FB: Owlerycafe Dine & Grind
IG: @owlerycafe

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