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A ​reinvention ​of ​the ​quintessential ​Malaysian ​food ​court ​experience, Tiffin ​Food ​Court ​is ​a ​cashless ​3-weekend ​event ​serving ​cuisine ​from ​16 ​countries ​like you’ve ​never ​encountered

KELANA ​JAYA — Tiffin Food ​Court, ​three-weekend ​long ​thematic ​fiesta celebrating ​food ​and ​more, ​will ​open ​doors ​to ​its ​30,000 ​sqft ​wonderland ​featuring food ​from ​16 ​countries ​across ​all ​continents, ​a ​rotation ​of ​exciting ​one-off ​culinary collaborations ​and ​a ​miscellany ​of ​activities ​that ​will ​whet ​the ​appetites ​of ​those hungry ​to ​explore ​a ​food ​court ​experience ​reinvented ​for ​our ​changing ​palates, ​tastes and ​lifestyles.

“Tiffin ​Food ​Court ​proffers ​the ​ultimate ​multi-layered ​experience ​made ​possible ​in ​a culmination ​of ​more ​than ​30 ​of ​country’s ​most ​passionate ​F&B ​partners ​and ​purveyors serving ​delicacies ​from ​snapper ​ceviche ​to ​stinky ​tofu; ​and ​from ​countries ​such ​as Afghanistan, ​China, ​Spain, ​Mexico ​and ​Vietnam,” ​said ​Adrian ​Yap, ​founder ​of ​Tiffin ​and Freeform.

If ​in ​the ​East ​or ​West, ​home ​is ​still ​best; ​Tiffin ​Food ​Court’s ​Malaysian ​offerings ​are curated ​to ​hit ​the ​spot. ​Next ​to ​international ​favourites, ​expect ​to ​find ​delicacies ​from the ​far ​reaches ​of ​Selangor ​— ​like ​rojak ​and ​satay ​Kajang.


Official ​partner Tiger ​Beer, ​which ​has ​made ​its ​presence ​known ​in ​the ​areas ​of ​street food, ​creativity ​and ​Asian ​heritage, ​is ​embarking ​on ​a ​fitting ​collaboration ​with ​Tiffin ​to complement ​the ​food ​court’s ​unconventional ​twist ​on ​local ​fare. ​For ​the ​first ​time ​in Malaysia, ​discover ​Tiger’s ‘Street ​Beers’ ​— ​infusions ​with ​Asian ​ingredients ​such ​as ​chili & ​mint, ​coconut ​and ​lemongrass ​— ​and ​uncage ​new ​ways ​to ​enjoy ​the ​beer ​with ​a ​bite.

Appealing ​to ​true ​digital ​natives ​and ​to ​push ​towards ​a ​cashless ​society, ​Tiffin ​Food Court ​is ​the ​first ​to ​introduce ​cashless ​transactions ​in ​a ​food ​market ​setting ​with pouchNATION ​RFID ​wrist-tags ​and Boost ​app. ​Cash ​and ​credit ​top-ups ​can ​be ​made ​at kiosks ​around ​the ​Food ​Hall ​or ​using ​Boost’s ​e-wallet ​downloadable ​on ​iOS ​and ​Google Play. All ​Boost-registered ​visitors ​may ​also ​seamlessly ​refund ​any ​unused ​balance ​on their ​wrist-tags ​directly ​into ​their ​e-wallet.


Tiffin ​Food ​Court ​customers ​will ​also ​get ​a ​chance ​to ​enjoy ​a ​”virtual” UberEATS experience, ​Uber’s ​food ​delivery ​smartphone ​app ​sensation. ​At ​UberEATS-branded tables, ​customers ​can ​place ​their ​orders ​with ​UberEATS ​delivery-partners ​and ​have ​it delivered ​to ​them, ​instead ​of ​queuing ​up ​at ​the ​stalls ​like ​everyone ​else. ​Special ​promo codes ​for ​new ​UberEATS ​consumers ​and ​current ​Uber ​riders ​will ​be ​given ​with ​every order ​from ​these ​UberEATS-branded ​tables.


Tiffin ​Food ​Court ​will ​open ​Fridays ​to ​Sundays, ​8 ​Dec ​to ​24 ​Dec ​from ​5pm ​until ​late, ​at Lot ​No.1, ​Jalan ​SS8/6, ​Sungai ​Way ​Free ​Trade ​Industrial ​Zone, ​Petaling ​Jaya.

See ​the ​full ​list ​of ​vendors ​and ​programming ​that ​is ​updated ​weekly ​in ​our press ​kit and ​at ​Available ​for ​corporate ​bookings ​and ​private ​functions. ​Please enquire.


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