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In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur’s Still Waters restaurant offers a culinary fusion adventure in 2016 through the list of menu that can easily be enjoyed with friends, family and business acquaintances prepared by two highly experienced chefs, Chef Mak and Chef Kamal.

Still Waters have prepared three sets of gastronomically unique five-course contemporary Cantonese cuisine for diners to choose. Among the highlights are Tori Tebasaki Shioyaki (grilled chicken wings with sea salt served with pineapple mango salsa), Fragrant Seafood Fried Rice, Fortune Crispy Roasted Chicken (crispy roasted chicken breast with Chinese herbal vinegar dressing), Gyuniku Soba (hot soba served with stewed striploin beef and wakame), Oven Roasted Duck and Ramen Salad (cold ramen served with Julienne Cucumber, crab stick, corn, tomato and mixed mushroom). For dessert, diners have the option of Golden Lotus Sesame Date Tang Yuan with Barley Gingko Soya Milk; or steamed homemade Nian Gao Grated Coconut and Authentic Double Boiled Ginger Tea served with Tang Yuan.

Soup, Healthy Sea Treasure Consomme

(double boiled treasure soup with cordycep flower, worlfberry and bamboo pith)

Healthy Sea Treasure Consomme

A refreshing starter to begin with, the hot soup with all the ingredients opens up your senses in your mouth to begin the gastronomical journey.

Salad, Maguro Yamakake

(Tuna amaki cubes seasoned with soy sauce and wasabi served with grated yam)


Maguro Yamakake

This dish is made as closely to the traditional dish that can be found in Japan. Chef Kamal said he wants this dish as simple as possible with high quality ingredients. The yam is a mountain yam that is specially imported according to the Chef’s specifications, prepared until it becomes delicate and melts in your mouth. The ingredients beautifully complement each other.

Mains, Fortune Crispy Chicken (Set B)

(Crispy Roasted Chicken Breast with Chinese Herbal Vinegar Dressing)

Fortune Crispy Roasted Chicken

Served as the main, the chicken breast is perfectly cooked but not too dry with sweet and sour taste. The herbal vinegar taste lingered in my mouth after finishing it, making me want to have a second helping. Simple yet satisfying!

Noodles, Gyuniku Soba

( Hot Soba served with Stewed Striploin Beef and Wakame )

Gyuniku Soba

A soba dish follows the main. The broth is rich and the beef is so tender that it just breaks apart. The noodles are nicely done and light enough that it doesn’t make you feel too full. I personally could do two bowls of these noodles.


The five-course meal is culminated by a refreshing dessert. We were served with Golden Lotus Sesame Date Tang Yuan with Barley Gingko Soya Milk, which was warm and soothing because it felt like homemade, bringing back memories that I had with my grandparents.

This promotion is available from 25 January until 22 February 2016. There are 3 sets available to choose from: Set A (RM118), Set B (RM108), and Set C (RM98) *Per Set

Still Waters restaurant is located at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur’s main entrance level and can fit up to 62 diners at any one time. It also has a semi-private room that can accommodate up to 16 persons. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12:00 noon until 2:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and dinner from 6:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. (Monday to Saturday).

For reservations, please call +6 03 2711 8866 ext. 260.


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