By Jeremy Khalil on December 3, 2013


Hilton Kuala Lumpur, the award-winning flagship hotel in South East Asia for Hilton Hotels & Resorts Asia Pacific, have been sporting new invigorating look for its lobby and The Lounge that is naturally lit with its intimate small seating configurations. The property also introduces four new concept dining and entertainment outlets: GRAZE, Chambers & Grill, Vasco’s and Oro Cafe.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur's The Bar is located right under the escalator, sporting sharp and trendy look

Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s The Bar is located right under the escalator, sporting sharp and trendy look

Working with a forward-thinking interior design house called ACID, the property’s newly refurbished spaces all share a commonality: they are all graced with urban park elements such as open and airy spaces that are filled with curvilinear shapes, expansive volumes, natural materials and organic malleable forms. The basic idea of this new look is to bring in the beauty of nature to an urban setting and bringing the freshness of the outdoors to the property’s interiors.


The public is now welcomed to Hilton Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the hotel’s new signature dining outlets such as GRAZE, claimed as the most authentic European style restaurant in Kuala Lumpur with a menu featuring fresh seasonal produce, organic ingredients and the finest cuts of meat, all served in a stylish yet unpretentious setting.

Another new outlet worth checking out is the Chambers Bar & Grill, which offers an innovative grill menu of prime meat cuts or seafood served on skewers and cooked a la minute over lava stone, charcoal or robatayaki style. The outlet also boasts a custom-designed and climate-controlled Himalayan Salt Tile Dry Aging Cabinet that contains various types of meat that are hung, dried and aged between 14 and 36 days. The cabinet extracts moisture from the meat, giving it an intense depth of flavour while being tenderised. This unique aging process coupled with different grilling techniques creates an alchemy of flavours and smoky infusion that is guaranteed to delight meat aficionados.

Chefs preparing delectable seafood on skewers at Chambers Bar & Grill

Chefs preparing delectable seafood on skewers at Chambers Bar & Grill

Complementing Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s titillating gastronomic experience is the hotel’s all-day dining called Vasco’s, named after Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer who were among the first to venture the East. The outlet’s design is intended to reflect an urban park within the hotel through its tree and foliage elements that run throughout its space, made exciting with interactively open show kitchens and menu inspired from the East and West. Some of Vasco’s highlights include a new wood burning oven that delivers authentic crispy thin crust pizzas with delightful toppings, a real tandoor clay oven that allows spices and marinades to wholesomely permeate meats during cooking and special rotisserie for delicious roasted chicken.

In making the hotel’s public space more vibrant and exciting, Hilton Kuala Lumpur also offers a new classic Italian-inspired barista cafe called Oro Cafe, located at the front of The Lounge, characterised by a mixture of low dining tables and high communal bar seats, convenient for guests to use it as a space for meeting or to get the much needed caffeine fix, including people-watching.


“With the recent transformation, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is well positioned to continue to be recognised as the number one dining and entertainment venue in Kuala Lumpur. We hope to bring in an exciting new set of experience to all our guests,” said Daniel Welk, General Manager of Hilton Kuala Lumpur during the relaunch of the hotel last 12 September 2013. He further added on 13 September 2013 that Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s enviously strategic location make it a veritable spot for its patrons to conveniently congregate.

According to Markus Schueller, Hilton Worldwide’s Vice President for Food & Beverage Operations, Asia Pacific, it is Hilton’s policy to conscientiously create bars and food and beverage outlets that are destinations in their own right. “We want to create places that attract people who live in that city,” he added when explaining about the company’s inspiring current adage, “Globally Inspired, Locally Relevant”, to a group of local media during a special session held last 13 September 2013.


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