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Having travelling almost a thousand kilometres (it takes only an hour by flight) to come to this land of white elephant, we are pleased to be greeted with the sweetest smile of the Pimalai Resort and Spa at the airport. After a brief introduction of the whole crew of the trip, we were then fastidiously ushered to our ride to go to the jetty. It was definitely not a 16 footer limo, but it was a cosy eight-seater van that ferries us from the airport to the jump off point to get us to Pimalai Resort and Spa. The sea breeze whispered to our ears that Pimalai is waiting and it drove our excitement out of our head.

After an hour and a half, we finally get the picture of beautifully stretched Pimalai on the Koh Lanta beach. Located 50 metres above sea level, Pimalai is a lookout point for visitors to see the blue saline pool of ocean, as far as eyes can see. The pool villas are visible to us from afar and being ensconced in the lush tropical jungle, this place guarantees exclusivity and privacy sought after by the resort’s clientele. As our eyes were fed by the luscious wonderful view, our thirst is quenched with the cooling and soothing lemongrass drink, a perfect combination of a lovely beginning of our venture to get to know more about this precious pearl of Koh Lanta.

Pimalai is a property that lies on 100 acres of land and the name Pimalai itself is a combination of two words in Thai which are pimon which means “pure” and alai means “place”. So, in one word they become Pimalai which can be easily interpreted as a pure place which is the real epitome that this resort portrays.



To ensure that the property’s natural surrounding are kept intact, the owners and management of Pimalai Resort and Spa built the property with deep environmental consciousness as guidance. The resort was constructed with the most minimal impact, an approach that is evident based on the fact that some structures reserve and even allow majestic trees to grow, for instance, the boardwalk that links Pimalai’s lobby to Spice & Rice Restaurant. We were also told that one of the pool villas has a full grown tree standing in the middle of the living room, with the whole unit’s roof designed around it as deference towards the environment.

The property fully utilises effective tropical design principles by choosing building materials that are meant to be exposed to the elements and nicely complement its natural surroundings. We must say that the founders of the resort truly know how to put the resort together – it seems that every aspect of the property is very well thought of and works remarkably.

I must say that everything in this property is just splendid and unspeakably wonderful but for those who are willing to splurge, remember this number, 801, for pool villa. It has hosted few of the Hollywood stars and it can accommodate fiver persons at a time, just perfect for those who travel in a group or even family. It is at 70 metres above sea level which the elevated location of it enables us to feast our eyes with a gorgeous view of the whole property and the whole bay. For honeymooner, this is your chance to really feel like a royalty since in-room dining and spa services are here and it will definitely leave a memory that you do not want to forget.

As spa is mentioned, Pimalai offers a total rejuvenating and invigorating experience that will surely leave you all recharged and energised. Being in the spa, for a start, has already given our team a whole new sensation as its magnificently lush and captivating landscape effectively jumpstarted our weary bodies, minds and souls.


Personally to us, Pimalai is undoubtedly one of the ultimate escapades for visitors to experience, a sensuous bolthole of elegant solitude as a refuge from the madding crowd. With more than ten hospitality awards under its belt, we must admit that Pimalai Resort and Spa is indeed a slice of pure heaven that simply everybody, especially this side of the world, should experience.

About Pimalai:

  • The only Malaysian airline to Krabi is Airasia
  • From airport, take van or taxi to pier to go to Koh Lanta (easier to ask for airport transfer by the resort)
  • Pimalai is among the first properties to open in Koh Lanta
  • Can be visited all year round
  • Peak season is from November to January (it doesn’t rain the whole monsoon season)
  • 900 metres long private beach
  • There are 2 restaurants – Seven Seas and Spice & Rice
  • Activities – sailing, kayaking, island-snorkelling, mangrove-cruising, jungle trekking and elephant trekking.

Photos have been taken from Pimalai Resort and Spa Official Website.


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